Socrates 471 system, The
Image from Steve Bowers
Menexenos, with YTS 1499-0101-4B in the background

Data Panel : The Menexenes Home System; Socrates 471

Star systemYTS 1499-0101-4 (known as the Socrates 471 System ) (i.e the 471st system named after Socrates)
Components YTS 1499-0101-4A - red giant (type M1-3III)
YTS 1499-0101-4B - orange-yellow giant (type K0III)
YTS 1499-0101-4C - yellow-white dwarf (type A5V).

Details for YTS 1499-0101-4C Mass 1.855
Luminosity 9.8081 x Sol
Type A5V

Separation distances AB = 20,566AU, AC = 24,907AU
Distance from Sol 3372 light years
Constellation Auriga
Reached 8862 AT
Planets(around YTS 1499-0101-4C):

Type: Pyrothalassic.
Mass: 4.6306 x Earth
Radius 10134 km
Semimajor Axis: 0.2369 AU
Orbital Period 0.085 standard years
Surface Gravity 1.84 gees
Rotation 742.3 standard hours
Obliquity 0.24

Type: Hermian
Mass: 0.397 x Earth
Radius 4590 km
Semimajor Axis: 0.9458 AU
Orbital Period 0.6754 standard years
Surface Gravity 0.77 gees
Rotation 78.355 standard hours
Obliquity 20.53

Type: Europan
Mass: 0.7205 x Earth
Radius 6561 km
Semimajor Axis: 6.7053 AU
Orbital Period 12.7483 standard years
Surface Gravity 0.68 gees
Rotation 22.064 standard hours
Obliquity 49.82

Type: Ammojovian
Mass: 285.32 x Earth
Radius 66093 km
Semimajor Axis: 12.481 AU
Orbital Period 32.3668 standard years
Surface Gravity 2.67 gees
Rotation 8.5016 standard hours
Obliquity 37.59

Menexenos is a moderately large ammonojovian gas giant, which holds an exotic xenosophont civilisation within the metallic hydrogen layer, known as the Menexenes.

This system is under the protection of a Caretaker God, which has established an exclusion swarm around the planet. However a significant number of Menexenes have been permitted to leave, and this has allowed the establishment of Menexene populations within several worlds throughout the Terragen Sphere. The Caretaker God has never formally adopted a name, but is often nicknamed Plato by the inhabitants of nearby systems.

A population of Metasoft vecs and xenobiologists live in the systems surrounding Socrates 471 A and Socrates 471 B, together with a small population of Menexenes in pressurised magmatter habitats.
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