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Full Version: Videos (YouTube or Other) as part of EG pages
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My partner just got the digital edition of National Geographic magazine. It includes all the content of every issue of NG since the magazine was founded, but also a number of features that a paper publication cannot such as hyperlinks, 'blow up' diagrams and graphics that expand when you click on them for easier reading, and short videos (some with audio some without) that begin or expand upon the textual article.

This leads me to wonder if we could include something like these in selected EG entries.

I know we have some YouTube videos in part of the website illustrating various OA concepts and worlds. Perhaps we could move/copy these to the relevant EG pages and also see about adding similar videos to other EG articles when possible. These could work to supplement or add another level to the EG entries so enhanced.


NiceSmile Did you just add these or have they been there for a while and I just missed them? Last time I had checked (which was a while ago admittedly), we had all the videos on a specific page on the site.

Also the last two links don't seem to be working.



Actually most of those were already on the site - I only added the Collector Ship and the Dragonfly ship this week. I also took the opportunity to <center> the videos this morning, to tidy them up a bit.

I'd like to add some more - also it would be nice to have the videos and animations hosted directly on our site, to avoid all YouTube's advertising, which we don't really benefit from. There are a couple of animated gifs here and there on the site too - for instance
they are directly hosted by us, and we should be able to increase the number of these quite easily.
Agreed. I'm not familiar with how the various sorts of videos and animations operate. How hard is it to load the ones we are hosting into the CMS? Is this something where Trond could set up an expansion of capability for us or more just a matter of using the existing tools in the right way and with the right materials? Do we just need the right set of directions to be able to load the current YouTube items into our hosting or would it be more involved?


Gifs can be inserted directly into pages using the Content Management System, although the thumbnail doesn't work, so they have to be the right size.

I haven't quite figured out how to embed a directly-hosted video yet. Most ordinary html works in the body of the article, although not in the various data panels, so I expect we can work it out one way or another.