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RE: FM-2030 - xsampa - 07-20-2014

Let's vote whether to choose the star or cube compass. Majority wins after everyone's finished voting. I cast my ballot for the star form.

RE: FM-2030 - Drashner1 - 07-20-2014

OA being OA, I would actually suggest that we use both graphics along with wording to the effect that either:

a) One type is considered best for one class of discussions about the subject, while the other type is considered more effective for a different class


b) Some groups/factions/schools of thought prefer the cube, while others prefer the star.

There's more than enough room in the setting to accommodate these and many other potential depictions of the same basic concepts.


RE: FM-2030 - stevebowers - 07-22-2014

An isometric 3D Necker cube showing one set of axes we discussed earlier

RE: FM-2030 - stevebowers - 07-22-2014

Pages updated include

RE: FM-2030 - xsampa - 07-22-2014

Quote:Pages updated include
Thanks, Steve