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What music are you listening to right now?
Kid Loco - Bootleggers

Brian Auger - Bumpin' on Sunset - Live Oblivion Express (notice anything? Smile also be sure to check out the awesome solo after 3:30 )

The rest is a blast from the past, some heavy rotations back when I was on my later years of being a student

Ravi Shankar - Raga Basant Mukhari

Amon Tobin - Hey Blondie

Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Le Grand Saut (I loved the guitar solo so much it's the only jazz solo I've ever been able to sort of play on guitar)

Nils Petter Molvaer - Little Indian

Julien Lourau - Conrod

Erik Truffaz & Mounir Troudi - Flamingos

Amon Tobin - Chocolate Lovely

Nojazz - Jazz Attack (feat. Skratch Action Hiro)


Amon Tobin - Proper Hoodidge

Julien Lourau - Chain of Fools

NoJazz - El Primero

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