Historical Timeline
First Federation map and symbol
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The rule of the transapients and the spread of Terragen civilization into the Galaxy.

1 to 900 AT: The Space Age (Interplanetary Era)

The ascendancy of scientific/industrial/capitalistic/information-based civilization, from the early Information Age to the Nanotech era, and its end in the Nanodisaster.

30 to 130 — The Information Age — exploitation of nature is replaced by ecological consciousness; development of the Internet and digital societies; emergence of the first AIs and vecs.

130 to 400 — The Interplanetary Age — the vanguard of humanity leaves the Earth to colonize of the solar system; tweaked and superior humans and animal uplifts; the rise of Cis-Lunar, Martian, and Jovian superpowers; entrenched inequality of rich and poor; the colonization of the nearest stars.

400 to 500 — The Nanotech Age — governments and corporations prove unable to control cheap and widespread nanotech; the "Backyarders" on Earth in cooperation with the Belt launch their ships for the Oort halo and, though few are successful, the stars.

500 to 900 — The Interplanetary Dark Age (Techocalypse period) — a dark age in the Sol System, though not in all of the colonies, but since Sol culture later dominated the early Federation the name for this period has become standard.

900 to 3200: The Early Interstellar Era

Also called the Federation Era. Includes the rise and fall of the Federation of Worlds (First Federation); Superior-led empires and hyperturing-run megacorps; civilization moves from interplanetary to interstellar.

900 to 1200 — Early Federation Age — the restoration of the solar system.

1200 to 1500 — Middle Federation Age — contact with the colonies; the formation of the "small" empires; the Superior-led corporations gain in power.

1500 to 2100 — Late Federation Age — megacorps grow into empires; transapients break through technological singularities, resulting in the emergence of the first AI Gods; the First Federation fratments

2100 to 2600 — Age of Expansion — technological breakthroughs allow reactionless drives and wormholes, and the far-flung empires are connected, resulting in a single diverse interstellar civilization.

2600 to 3200 — Age of Establishment — the archailect empires establish themselves; the AI Gods extend themselves across interstellar distances via wormhole connections.

3200 to 5200: The Inner Sphere Era

The Archailect empires span the entire Inner Sphere. One by one most of the old Superior empires are subverted or conquered. On the Periphery are the technologically inferior "barbies".

3200 to 3750 - The Imperial Age - the rise of the vast sephirotic and other empires; rise and fall of Conver Ambi.

3750 to 4450 — The Second Federation — a period of peace, apart from a few local brushfire wars and revolts. Eventually increasing ontology tensions coupled with several unexpected ascensions and transcensions trigger the Version War, which brings an end to the Second Federation.

4450 to 4650 — The Version War period — following increased tension of protocols, war breaks out between the standardizationists and revisionists, though despite the resulting widespread closures on the wormhole nexus, the isolation of many polities, and threats and attacks from relativistic fleets, this remains a prosperous period.

4650 to 5200 — The ComEmp period — a resurgence of civilization, a period of even greater peace and harmony than the Second Federation, but shockwaves from newly assertive and subversive memetics undermine the relatively fragile stability of the ComEmp ontology, leading to a period of re-evaluation.

5200 to present: The Outer Volumes Era

New ascensions and transcensions in the Outer Volumes mean the Inner Sphere Archailects lose their monopoly and powerful new and unpredictable empires and civilizations emerge on the Periphery.

5200 to 5400 — The Age of Fragmentation — the slow disintegration of the ComEmp is known as the Age of Fragmentation.

5400 to 5800 - The Age of Re-Evaluation — with the failure of the ComEmp, the inner empires and many other groups realize changes in the current system are required.

5800 to 6700 — The Age of Separate Empires — a long period in which the many empires of the Inner Sphere continue to each go their own ways.

6700 to 7200 — The Age of Crisis — the threat of the Amalgamation and other rogue powers leads to a crisis in the Inner Sphere.

7200 to 7700 — The Central Alliance — in the face of the Amalgamation Threat, the Laughter Hegemony, and the Empledokcetic Spread, the Inner Sphere superpowers form the Central Alliance.

7700 to 10,000 — The Age of Expansionist Empires — new empires and power structures emerge throughout the Outer Volumes; some burn out quickly, but others continue to grow.

10,000 and later: The Modern Era

The friendly dissolution of the Co-Dominion means deepening anxiety, new challenges, new dangers, new opportunities.

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