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Ribofunk - a collection of short stories of rather uneven quality. Range from so-so to excellent. I guess everyone will have their own favourites. Much of the setting is not pertinent to Orion's Arm, and getting even the most radical bio-modifications is so physiologically and psychologically trauma-free as to be mere caricaturish. But the poignant fate of long-suffering and mistreated "splices" is another matter, as are the well-drawn characters of many of the splices themselves. In fact this was the book from which I (MAK) was inspired to choose the term "splice" as genetically engineered human-animal hybrid uplift in the first place. Also, the emphasis on biotech rather than dry tech is certainly one that is important to our setting (althoufgh we incorporate both in equal measure).

Mr Di Filippo has very kindly given his permission for us to use the term splice officially in OA.

M Alan Kazlev