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Darwinia - The story takes place in the extreme future and fairly recent past. The universe is cooling down and the details of all histories for all civilizations ever to exist (pretty much) have been stored in gigantic "noospheres". Unfortunately remnants of a bygone war have invaded the noospheres and the contained histories have been unfrozen so as to deal with this. In a virtual (though real enough to the inhabitants) world, particular portions of history are forced to confront changes that have taken place to their world seemingly overnight.

Transhuman aspects are present but largely not embraced by the characters, thought they are forced to deal with certain toposophic aspects of their existence. The high technological aspects of the story are also mostly distant from the characters. Memetics is not covered very heavily and there is a definite right vs. wrong tone to the story.

This story could very well take place in the OA universe, though in the very very distant future. Some variants on the story could be applicable to sections of the current OA setting.

Peter Kisner