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Venus of Dreams - This book deals with the terraforming of Venus. There are two major conflicting cultures, one space based, one Earth based. And elements within these cultures also conflict. Much of the story has to do with a girl growing up and dealing with her cultural and family attachments and obligations as she attempts to leave the Earth and help in the Venus project. The characters, cultures, and conflicts they encounter are well through out and realistically presented.

The Earth based culture is largely running the Venus project (the space based culture is already doing something with Mars), but not without some assistance from the space culture.

Transhuman elements are present but limited. The main such element is a wireless cerebral interface system largely used to connect to a sort of internet. Among the space culture this system is a birthright. Among the Earth culture the system is allowed only to a select minority running things, although virtual reality interaction is nearly universal on Earth. There are no significant AIs or nanotech in the story, but at least one megascale project is under way.

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