Call for Submissions

To keep Voices: Future Tense going.

Voices: Future Tense is created using the contributions of the members of the Orion's Arm Universe Project. And we always need more contributions!

If you have any stories that you've been working on, or ideas for stories that you've been toying with, please put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard and send them in at your earliest convenience.

We are looking for any and all kinds of stories from vignettes to novellas that can be serialized and everything in between. In addition, visual artwork, poetry, and music are all welcome. As well as any combinations of these you may be of a mind to put together.

Please present new works to the OA Creative Writing sub-forum for consideration and discussion and then to the Voices:Future Tense sub-forum for eventual inclusion in an upcoming issue.

Please Note: Unless otherwise indicated, submitted works must be set within the Orion's Arm universe. Submissions may depict any point in space or time within the Orion's Arm setting, past, present, or future. Submissions must fully meet OA canon and match the contents of the Encyclopedia Galactica at the time of submission, although authors are more than welcome to include new ideas, worlds, or characters that do not contradict the existing material.

For assistance in developing a story idea, or determining if a story idea or concept would be workable within the OA setting, please post your questions to the OA Creative Writing sub-forum.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above, please don't hesitate to post them to the Creative Writing sub-forum or use the Contact Us links on the Orion's Arm website.



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