Best of the Year 2012 - Artwork
We are proud to announce the winners of the Orion's Arm Best of the Year Award for 2012.

Category: Artwork

First Place ($25) - #10 More Pretty by Morgan Heacock

Second Place ($15) - #14 Refueling by Steve Bowers

Third Place ($5) - #52 Lensflare by Arik

To see the winning entries and all the submitted art please see here:

BOTY Art Gallery

Category: Stories

First Place ($25 prize) - A Certain Misunderstanding by Adam Getchell

Second Place ($15 prize) - One Sick Puppy by Darren Ryding

Third Place ($5 prize) - Formidable Appetite by Nathan Gray

Category: EG Entries

First Place ($25 prize) - Bubblehabs by Stephen Inniss, Steve Bowers, Luke Campbell, Todd Drashner, Craig Higgs, Mike Miller, and Mark Ryherd

Second Place ($15 prize) - Unnamed species HIE300CZE - by Steve Bowers

Third Place ($5 prize) - Nootropics - by Ryan B

A great round of applause and thanks to all our winners and all the great folks who participated and contributed, even if you didn't win this time around.

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