After Tranquility
On behalf of the authors, artists, members, and 'staff' of the Orion's Arm Universe Project, we are very excited and happy to announce the publication of our new book:

After Tranquility - Cover

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After Tranquility: Tales from Orion's Arm - Vol 2

After Tranquility is a collection published in 2014 of 12 short stories set in the Orion's Arm Universe and includes a mix of works published in Voices: Future Tense - the OA ezine, and new works created especially for this collection.

It is currently available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.


Stories included;

Posh Girls by M. Alan Kazlev
2500 CE: Three sheltered young women discuss their privileged life while society begins to collapse around them.

Midwinter by Stephen Inniss
2710 CE: An explorer discovers an apparently long-abandoned space station, and learns its secret.

In the Hall of the Flesh Sculptors by David Jackson
3969 CE: As he approaches a natural death, a man visits the fabled Hall where new life is created.

Severing by Josie Goodman
5640 CE: The pilot of a mining ship discovers that cyberspace can affect the real world as much as any physical project.

Ghostkill by Steve Bowers
7220 CE: Cyborg agents investigate an impossibly elusive serial killer on a space habitat.

The Passenger by Anders Sandberg
8550 CE: The crew of a trade starship become suspicious about their mysterious cargo, and their equally mysterious passenger.

Chaos Under Heaven by Jim Wisniewski
9160 CE: A woman tries to save her dying world by negotiating with godlike transapients.

Bunny Love Has No Limits by Daniel Eliot Boese
10,091 CE: A man brings his rabbit-hybrid companion aboard a space liner, before bizarre and disturbing things start happening to the other passengers.

The Immortalist by Darren Ryding
10,370 CE: A genetically engineered tour guide plans to live forever, while her pious son trusts his life to fate. But will both get their wish?

New Home by Ron Bennett
11,287 CE: An attempt to colonize a new star system leads to a clash of personalities among sentient machines.

The Fabulist by Todd Drashner
12,071 CE: In the mystical world of Xinidin, the Fabulist is revered as a worker of miracles. But who is he really?

Homecoming by Chris Shaeffer
12,570 CE: While engaging in a massive space battle, naval officers prefer not to mention their "secret".

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