Welcome to Our Spring Issue - Let’s Celebrate!
Welcome to the Spring 2014 issue of Voices: Future Tense! In honor of the Spring period (April, May, and June), we have a variety of stories, references, and artwork relating to such diverse items as:

  • April Fools Day - 4/1
  • Yuris Night - 4/12
  • Tax Day - 4/15
  • Mothers Day - 5/11
  • Memorial Day - 5/26
This probably seems like a very diverse range of days and concepts to recognize in just one issue, but as you read through the stories and articles, I hope you will see the connections.

A few specific items of note:

Returning to an activity that got a positive response last Spring, we are including a non-OA/non-Canon story from Richard Tornello. As it happens, this story also turned out to include themes connected to war and the impact it can have on both our soldiers and their families. As you read it, please don’t worry about how it fits into the OA universe (it doesn’t and is not intended to) and take a moment to consider the larger message that the story contains.

On a less serious note, we have what I think is our first comic strip submitted to V:FT (or at least the first in a long time). I hope you enjoy it and that it is but the first of many that may come to grace the pages here.

And finally, we have a whole range of interesting stories and fun artwork contributed by our members. I hope you enjoy them all and, if you are inspired by them to contribute some work of your own to the OAUP and V:FT in particular - so much the better:)

Happy Spring, Everybody!

Todd Drashner

Associate Editor - Voices: Future Tense

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