My Sister is a Robot



My granpa is a scientist so I think he knows the best.
My mother says that granpa, can really be a pest.
I know that granpa knows a lot.
He says my sister is a bot.
My sister crashes into walls, wobbles all about,
then she falters; then she falls, curled up in a heap.
Granpa says as he looks to me,
"software glitch, set default, its there to plainly see".
So in school and on the street
I tell all the people that I meet.
At me they look so kindly.
They smile light and smile sweet.
So on this affirmed! On this I know…his science can't be beat.
(Just between me and you,
Granpa says she'll soon reboot
when she cries at night.
Daddy shouts to both, "be quiet!"
both, he's going to boot.")


My sister Kendall, that's her name.
I know of others with the name the same.
And I saw that on the screen today,
Barbie with HER Kendall played.
So maybe, just maybe she IS a beta,
just like granpa said.
And mom will return her to the store
when an upgrade's made.

In the mean time
I have yet to find,
the proper button, push .
And believe me, yes. And how I've tried.
But every time I go to push,
she falls down and cries!


Mommy says, "don't listen to
that crazy gray haired coot.
Kendall's not a robot, sweetie.
She's your sister,
and your sister,
you can't reboot."

Batteries not included.
No children were damaged writing this poem.

By Richard Tornello (2014)
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