Contributing: Getting Started

Required Reading:

When you do submit material, at the very least you will be expected to be familiar with the following resources:

While not required, the following will help you in becoming acquainted with what has been done before, as well as the look and feel of the project. It is our experience that reviewing these can save you a lot of time, trouble and frustration.

Join the Forum

The OA community creates content through discussion on the forum. There are sub-forums for worldbuilding, artwork, stories, games, and off-topic discussions. We also have a Discord server for more casual conversation

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Being new to the project, questions are perfectly normal. We do suggest taking a couple of easy steps before posting to the group.

Use the Search function to try and find it on the site: You may find nothing, or you may find we already have something identical, or at least very similar, and it will save you the trouble of writing a long essay.

Search the web: Do a little homework to make sure the science is on at least stable ground - it doesn't break the laws of physics, for example.

NO PLAGIARISM: Please refer to the Terms, Copyright, and Submissions agreement for our stance on this. Inspiration is one thing, direct copyright infringement is quite another. Breaking this rule can get you banned.

Content can be created for any point in the OA timeline, but to reduce the chances of material becoming dated, we try to avoid real world and near future (up to the year 2100AD) events and references.

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