Orion's Arm Geek Code

OA Geek Code v. 1.0.1

Do you have what it takes to be an OA Geek? The following is the Orion's Arm geek code based on the original Geek Code by Robert Hayden (see the official webpage Code of the Geeks). It may be added on to the traditional Geek Code block, or used independently.

Variables are as follows (See also the official Geek Code page for more details regarding variables)

? after the category identifier and indicates that the geek has no knowledge about that specific category.

! before the category indicates that the person refuses to participate in this category.

~ (tilde sign) before the category, which means that the geek prefers an alternative, although similar, option to the one shown. e.g. "~TS" might refer to Cheetah Splices rather than Tiger Splices (note, this is a new variable, not found on the traditional geek code

New Types of Geeks

These are additional species of geeks not found in the traditional version:

GWB - Geek of Worldbuilding
GCW - Geek of Creative Writing
GCX - Geek of Comix

>H Transhumanism

Transhumanism is a philosophy and ideology that says that one can be more than (baseline) human. For more info see the links here. OA is one of the few (but by no means the only) SF setting that incorporates Transhumanist concepts in a fundamental way. Many OAers have been influenced by Transhumanist memes; some are even enrolled on transhumanist lists or newsgroups. Others are not associated with Transhumanism at all.

(>H, or the "greater than" sign in front of H for human, is the symbol for posthumanism/transhumanism)

>H--- : it's not only stupid, but downright dangerous
>H-- : it's the most stupid philosophy i have ever heard
>H- : transhumanism seems rather unfeasible
>H : I have heard of transhumanism, but that's all.
>H+ : transhumanism seems to have some pretty interesting things to say, but I haven't really looked into it
>H++ : transhumanism is a very persuasive approach to understanding the future of mindkind
>H+++ : I orientate my life by Transhuman principles
>H++++ : I know the Transhuman FAQs off by heart
>H+++++ : I am Eliezar Yudkowsky, Nick Bostrom, or Anders Sandberg
!>H : death to progress! long live Luddism!

OA: Orion's Arm (general)

Some geeks are more familiar with Orion's Arm than others

OA--- : you mean adults only?
OA-- : yes it's a constellation
OA- : I've heard of Orion's Arm, but don't know much about it
OA : I've been to the website a few times
OA+ : not a bad effort, I'll hang around and see how things develop
OA++ : I'm a regular part of the OA Community
OA+++ : This is my home on the Net, I log on every single day
OA++++ : I'm an OA-junkie!

M : Memetic Compatibility

Memes are transmitted patterns of belief that are carried from one person or generation to the next, such as belief in God, or a particular ideology, or scientific methodology, or liking a particular SF franchise. It has nothing to do with whether the meme is "true" or not. If you have high memetic compatibility with something you find it is very much in keeping with your own interpretations and preferences.

M-- : this stuff sux, give me humanoid aliens and FTL drive any day!
M- : I've seen better
M : it's ok
M+ : I like it, although there are a few things I disagree with
M++ : Orion's Arm is certainly one of the better SF/worldbuilding projects around
M+++ : Orion's Arm is perhaps the single best futuristic hard science SF project you will find anywhere!

L : Position on the List

The Mail List is the official OA forum in which new ideas are presented, and old ones discussed.

L-- : what list?
L- : I don't have much to do with the list
L : I'm an average list member
L+ : I'm regular listmember
L++ : I'm an old hand
L+++ : I'm a senior listmember
!L : I refuse to subscribe to your subversive list

P : Posts

Inevitably some geeks post more than others, and on a few occasions even let loose replicator swarms on a subject that has been replicator-swarm discussed just a few months ago (wormholes are a favourite).

P-- : I've been lurking, and have never posted
P- : Only posted once or twice, and that's plenty
P : I post occasionally
P+ : I post a couple of messages a week
P++ : I post daily
P+++ : I top the wormhole nanoswarm without aid

B: Brains

Those geeks that are particularly knowledgeable, intelligent, and/or adept at science or worldbuilding are given the honorific title of "Brain".

B--- : duhhh...
B-- : What?
B- : I'm just a humble baseline
B : I'm a brain
B+ : I don't get much disagreement
B++ : I create EG entries for breakfast
B+++ : I'm superbright material!
!B : the rate and efficiency of my information processing is none of your business

S : Savvy

It takes long learning, as well as innate ability, to climb the savvy scale

S--- : Nano? Isn't that Mork's line?
S-- : What's this 'c' stand for?
S- : I know some high school biology, is that ok?
S : I grok some of this stuff
S+ : I caught a glitch in someone else's post
S++ : I've had people ask for my professional opinion
S+++ : I push the edge of knowledge forward in my field
S++++ : I am Anders Sandberg

D : Donation

Here at OA we depend on your generous donations :-)

D? : I ain't tellin'
D- : I've not donated any money yet
D : I've not donated any money yet - but will Real Soon Now
D+ : Yes, I've shelled out some coinage

Sp: Space

Many of us feel strongly about the necessity for continued space exploration

Sp--- : A man is no bird, never a man will fly
Sp-- : Spaceflight, what an utter waste of money
Sp- : Too expensive for the results
Sp : What's in for us?
Sp+ : Let us continue in space at the current pace
Sp++ : Space should be developed more and faster
Sp+++ : Let's go to Mars and beyond today!!!!

SF : Science Fiction

Can there be any greater mark of geekhood than a love of science fiction?

SF--- : I'll read or watch anything but SciFi
SF-- : Science Fiction, that's for nerds.
SF- : I read a Michael Crichton thriller once, does that qualify?
SF : I've seen a few of the Star Wars movies, and watch Star Trek on TV now and then
SF+ : I quite enjoy good Science Fiction books and movies
SF++ : Science Fiction is by far my favourite genre, I've been reading it since I was a kid.
SF+++ : I keep in touch with publishing news, go to book-signings, and are a regular at my local SF bookshop
SF++++ : my walls are plastered with posters, I go to all the conventions, read and write fanzines, and live, breath, eat and sleep SF

TS: Tigersplice Secretary

The Tigersplice secretary developed as an in-joke on the OA list. You have to be there to understand, I suppose.

TS--- : Sex before marriage outside one's clade is an abomination of [insert suitable S6 entity's name here]!!!
TS-- : If it's not homo sapiens and of the appropriate gender, I abstain.
TS- : I prefer near-baselines with furry fetish.
TS : Eh. I suppose that tail's good for something.
TS+ : Siberian or Bengal?
TS++ : Kinky! Now we just need some whipped cream...
TS+++ : Mee-YOW! Lemme at 'em!
!TS : Ouch! Claws and fangs? NOOOOO thankyouverymuch!
~TS I prefer cheetah splices