Doran Empire

Early interstellar dwarf cybertweak empire

Doran Empire
Image from Steve Bowers
The mixed experimental dwarf cyber-tweak Doran clade set off in an amat-fusion hybrid ship from Toutatis asteroid in 629, setting up a colony at GL 877, before scattering among the red and orange dwarfs of the Inner Sphere.

The Doran Clade were genetically modified to be smaller in size than most humans of their time; few were more than a metre tall, but they tended to use a number of different types of exoskeleton to increase their physical strength and mobility.

Among the systems in the Doran Empire were Dorranok, Secharia and Glim.

Over the next two thousand years, the Doran empire was in conflict with the Hildago Emergent Order, Talmehtian Cruaders and the Conver Ambi in the First and Second Empires wars, and fragmented, as did the Eridanus League, variously joining the NoCoZo or the Solar Dominion. The last remnants (including Dorannok) entered the Terran Federation in 7855.
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Initially published on 09 October 2001.