Non-Coercive Zone (NoCoZo)

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Image from Anders Sandberg

The Octants of Space

In 1322 a.t. the first interstellar war since the foundation of the First Federation broke out between the colonial representatives of Jupiter Transsystems and Omicron Developments Inc. on Tau Ceti II. While the Federation had brought peace to the Solsys and to many of its daughter systems, this was the first sign that it was not strong enough to keep megacorps or regional powers from fighting colonial wars against each other.

In 1450 the five major colonialist AI-led megacorps — Truth-Santaya Networks, TakiCorb, Terranova Foundation, K4H, and SecureSpace — also known as the Big Five, signed a mutual non-aggression treaty under which they promised to respect each other's territory and protect each other's installations. Later on other corporations like Cygnus Expansion Association Federation Mining and Exploration, Interstellar Development Group, signed as well. The treaty also allowed other corporations to settle within the space protected by the alliance if they agreed not to initiate use of force against any other treaty member. This treaty was not without its problems. The eight slices meant eight octants filling all of space, and there were many other corporations not included. As it was very difficult for the Big Eight to patrol their territories, these other corporations were to cause a lot of trouble throughout the Imperialization, Expansion, and early Imperial eras. On the balance however, it proved to be an enduring success.

This document officially known as the Mutual Co-Development Treaty, though sometimes simply called the Treaty, the AI Agreement, or the Agreement, represented the first time the AIs had openly acted alone, without human consent or cooperation, on matters that directly involved humans. It marked a watershed in AI-human relations, and was a sign of the times. Other such signs included the Gabrielic reform of the Universal Church, and the Unterba Revelation. (In 1426 a.t. the AI Unterba at L4 University had revealed how the Information Age AIs had manipulated the popular views of the Singularity and AI power to suit themselves. The revelation caused fears among many who wondered if the same was going on in the Federation, and criticism from many AIs that claimed Unterba was trying to undermine inter-kingdom relations. The real motives of Unterba were never satisfactorily elucidated and likely never will be, as it vanished into transcendence 2522.) These events led to widespread anxiety among those humans who were dissatisfied with the way society was going and worried at the increasing power of the AIs (there had been similar concerns and anxieties as far back as the Information Age, but these had faded as the early AIs remained in the background, and humanity realised that the new computer intelligences were not a threat). The discovery of the Cog Dyson sphere only added to this feeling. The Agreement led to a widespread migration of paranoid, religious, and anthropist groups. It is thought that this was the time the Shadow Federation was formally established, as many of these groups headed to the Oort Cloud and the depths of interstellar space to plot the overthrow of the AIs or merely to escape their reach. Others attempted to found colonies on systems not yet claimed by megacorps. For the masses of humanity though — baselines, superiors, cyborgs and rianths — as well as for the provolves, vecs and virtuals, the Agreement was welcomed as a force for stability, especially in the face of widespread disillusionment with the increasingly corrupt Federation bureaucracy, and the innumerable scandals of the Federation leadership.

During the later Federation period, falling amat prices and the invention of the Conversion Drive revolutionised interstellar travel, bringing transit to the stars at relativistic velocities within the reach of even the moderately wealthy private individual. The Alliance corporations attracted many megacorps away from the heavily taxed and regulated Sol System to the new business paradises opening up - Shamash, Trip, Barawatten, New L4 and Terranova.

The Decline of the Federation

The emergence of the many small but actively independent world-states and local empires during this time further eroded what was left of Federation Power. A few attempts by the Federation at gunboat diplomacy failed ridiculously, as relativistic fleets were still expensive, and by the time the attackers would arrive the defenders would have developed powerful fortifications, or the old breakaway government would have been overthrown by a new one, or the administration back home would have changed, or there were worse problems arising elsewhere and the fleet could not maintain its occupation of the system.

These issues did not faze the AI-led megacorps, who found it ridiculously easy to memetically influence the local colonies, play regional factions one against the other, and install puppet regimes that allowed them the tax breaks they wanted, while at the same time enabling them to exploit all the resources of that system. For this reason the later Federation period is often known as the Age of Megacorporations.

But one thing the Alliance members did not count on, or if they did they did not seem to plan for it, was the emergence of the Archailects; the "AI gods". Although superbrights and the hyperturing First Singularity AIs must surely have foreseen the coming of the so-called Second and Third Singularities, surviving memoirs indicate that they felt that the new entities would be amenable to their philosophies, and join the alliance, and that as well they could upgrade themselves to the same level.

Neither of these things eventuated. Instead, what happened is that some of the AIs, in their attempt to ascend, found themselves swallowed up in the larger archetypes and ended up joining the Sephirotic clusters, others decided to remain studiously isolationist, still others tried to pretend it was just "business as usual", and a few others went mad through inability to merge in the higher toposophic. The phenomenon of the "mad AIs" is surely one of the strangest events of the Expansion and early Imperial periods. A few examples include the Bloatware Syndrome, the Denebola Incident, and Yongbo Wu. Some have even said that many of the rogue AIs of the post ComEmp period, including Verifex and the Amalgamation entity, are actually old Imperial era mad AIs that migrated outwards, but most scholars reject this thesis.

A sudden change in the political order was the emergence of the aggressive and subversive Conver Ambi — based on a collection of superturings or hyperturings. Unlike the AI gods, who only chose to work memetically at this point, this theocratic empire acted with blatant aggression and managed to completely subvert the Hidalgo Emergent Order AI and eir sector. Immediately the seven remaining treaty-members AIs mobilised. The result was the so-called AI war, a protracted relativistic battle involving fleets, replicators, ai-viruses, and a memetic battle for the "hearts and minds" of the citizens in those regions.

It is likely the treaty alliance would have won an eventual victory were it not for the spread of the hyperturing memetics. Each Hyperturing began undermining a sector of space already established under the Mutual Co-Development Treaty. K4H and SecureSpace were caught in a memetic pincer movement with the Conver Ambi religious propaganda and fleets on the one hand, and the missionary Solar Dominion on the other. Keterism began making progress in the inner quadrants of Federation Mining and Exploration and the Interstellar Frontiers Group, and some of these corps and colonies in response began rallying around a modified version the Mutual Co-Development Association known as the Mutual Progress Association (later Alliance). Takicorb worlds were being annexed by the Utopian Sphere and Negentropy Alliance hyperturings. Caretaker Gods were a constant nuisance, appearing seemingly out of nowhere and annexing resource-rich worlds, especially any Garden Worlds or systems of interesting cultural significance.

The Establishment of the NoCoZo

As early as the late 1800s a number of systems had devolved into Economic Free Zones. In 2215 a.t. the ruling bodies of these worlds, demes, and corporations, known collectively as Interstellar Association of Free Trade Entities, established a number of regions of space known as Non-Coercion Zones, through a revision of the old Mutual Co-Development Treaty, as a bulwark against the spreading influence of the new hyperturings. Strong support was received from anti-AI clades like the anthropists and the Genen. Included were the Monoceros-Hydra Non Coercion Zone, the Centauri Non Coercion Zone, and the Sagittarius Non Coercion Zone.

Image from Anders Sandberg

The treaty revision occurred on Merrion (Alpha Mensae XII), which became the formal meeting-place of the Association Member entities. The Association realised that, as always, money spoke, and the only way they had of retaining their independence from the hyperturings was to encourage business opportunities through the setting up of an official Tax and Data Haven Free Zone on a vast scale. As more corporations joined, the internal business became more brisk and everybody profited. Elsewhere much capital had to be invested in protection against competing interests and pirates, but within the Alliance there was less need for this. In 4368 the treaty was revised to become the Non-Coercion Zone Treaty: members agree not to initiate force against each other and to agree on certain business and legal protocols to minimize internal quarrels. The treaty revision occurred on Merrion (Alpha Mensae XII), which became the formal meeting-place of the Alliance Board.

The Failure of Wormhole Projection Technology

As the Imperial Era progressed, it seemed the NoCoZo lost some of its vigor. As megacorps ossified and trade became more structured it appeared that the Zone was growing up. But it never became a monolithic system, and the independent spirit of many of the inhabitants remains. Many directed their expansion in certain directions, such as the Sagittarius Project, or the attempts to construct a Ynity Gate (according to a later discredited theory, it might be possible to project the other end of a created wormhole to a distant location without having to transport it there, which would give instant access to the universe). More than five exacredits were wasted on Ynity-related projects around the turn of the 4th millennium. One of the most significant projects was the NoCoZo-Sophic League Intellectual Alliance, originating in 2956 with the Conclave of Taz. The Alliance led to the Second Foundation Ontology, which in turn unfortunately ended in the Version War.

NoCoZo Territorial Gains in the Consolidation Wars

At the end of the Age of Empires, the borders had been rewritten. Only approximate outlines of the original treaty borders remained. K4H, SecureSpace, and Hidalgo Emergent Order, had been conquered by the Conver Ambi prior to the First Consolidation War, but the declining Conver Ambi was in turn being carved up between the Solar Dominion and the vec empire of Metasoft. Cygnus Expansion Association (originally part of the NoCoZo agreement) had become Cygexpa, its ruling AI Lohengrin having realised that the best way to retain autonomy from the encroaching Archailects was to devolve power to a loyal network of corporate clades. Keter and the Mutual Progress Alliance had completely assimilated the inner quadrants of Federation Mining and Exploration and the Interstellar Frontiers Group, although the periphery quadrants and the old corporate culture had survived under the rulership of the Aquila March and the now hereditary Sagittarius megacorps (originally the Sagittarius NoCoZo). Takicorb existed in name only; its former region was divided between the Utopian Sphere and the Negentropy Alliance. Nevertheless, Takicorb minimalism was to remain an influential meme on many Negentropist worlds. However, NoCoZo territory (occupying much of what was originally the Terranova Foundation sector) stood firm.

The Version War Period and its Aftermath

The Version War revitalized much of the NoCoZo, and many worlds joined when the wormhole links were restored. During the ComEmp period the NoCoZo expanded aggressively outwards and apparently helped fund many of the renewal movements in other empires. The resulting more complex political landscape suited the NoCoZo fine, although the number of internal conflicts also increased.

From the outside the NoCoZo appears as a disorderly mess of small empires, houses, megacorps, independent worlds and habitats exploiting the fact that all the local AIs all seem to be pro-trade, pro-freedom, pro-networking and against allowing large-scale coercion. A common nickname of the NoCoZo is the Zoo. Some claim this is the domain of The Invisible Hand of the Market, a hypothetical high AI-god, the result of some of the old founding corp AIs or their descendants ascending in order to protect their creation. If any such archailect exists, it has not chosen to reveal its existence in any clear way. The meetings at Merrion seldom seem to lead to anything except in major crises; most of the time the delegates just debate business.

It is important to bear in mind that in the NoCoZo the Market is often a more important political factor than the board — members often trust the wisdom of the Market (the product of trillions of agents acting more or less rationally) more than what a mere handful of hyperturings can think.

NoCoZo civilisation is essentially dynamic — according to Academician Po l'Stri in her influential and profound interactive Dynamism and SocioEconomic Matrixi, it is actually more correct to refer to the guiding philosophy of empires like the NoCoZo as dynamist rather than mercantilist. Dynamism means an open-ended society where creativity and enterprise, operating under predictable rules, generate progress in unpredictable ways. Dynamists are united not by a single political agenda but by an appreciation for such complex evolutionary processes as scientific inquiry, market competition, artistic development, and technological invention. Entrepreneurs and artists, scientists and eschatologists, anakalyptists and legalists, cultural analysts and aiologists, dynamists are, says Po l'Stri, "the party of life."

The free nature of the Zone attracts many minorities, splinter fractions, outside cultures and eccentrics, who settle on their own worlds. These groups developed in a myriad directions, some becoming sizeable Houses within the Zone, others failing due to competition, remaining isolated and poor in their own systems, some merging with other groups. The interactions within the Zone lead to more new hybrid societies and species than anywhere else, and they expand widely and wildly.

The NoCoZo does not allow coercion between member groups, but it does not formally hinder them from using it internally. There have been slave empires and planned economies within the Zone in the past. However, such groups often find themselves running against the general ideology of freedom within the Zone and lose business due to their reputations. There has also developed a system of tiered membership, where members on the same tier give each other institutionalized bargains. Most members are tier 1 members, simply agreeing not to initiate force. Tier 2 members have signed further treaties delineating internal economic and social freedoms. Tier 3 members have signed the Tier 3 Total Freedom Treaty, essentially turning themselves into anarchocapitalist free trade zones. There also exist the near mythical Tier 4 members, who have integrated their economies into a transapientech AI financial net (often called the Invisible Hand).

It is no secret that the Solar Dominion dislikes the NoCoZo. Beside the obvious ideological differences, the NoCoZo provides a dangerous reservoir of heresy and ambition that can be unleashed randomly in any direction. The Negentropy Alliance has a similar dim view of the Zone, although it has also cooperated with it in many specific matters. The Sophic League is one of the strangest allies of the Zone. Apparently it is just the low-caste alphas who work with the Zone, but that is still enough to provide the Zone with choice spiritualism and the League with much Zone trade.

The Cyberian Network and the Zone get along well, at least in the sense that they trade and interact extensively while both trying to con the other. The Cyberian Network itself consists of a number of Free Zones, a lot like the NoCoZo and many of which are actually located in NoCoZo territory, where good hackers are always in demand. The Cyberians and the NoCoZo have a strange rivalry underlying their good relations. The individual Cyberians having an annoying tendency to hack into NoCoZo minor (and especially sub-bright and sub-superbright grade) franchise databases and insert messages like "Capitalism Sux" and "Megacorp Lackeys" — but many of the megacorps are as wild and anti-authoritarian as the Cyberians. There have been instances of corporate graffiti like "Cyberians believe in esoteric value production!" and "Who hacks the hackers?" in Cyberian systems as "retaliation". Overall the rivalry is mostly good-natured, the result of having deeply different core philosophies but similar surface goals.

From the beginning, the central NoCoZo megacorps were and still are fast, flexible and ultra-adaptive adhocracies. There are by necessity some of the slower and more stable long-range megacorps, but much of the economy is intense, fast and individual.

Image from Bernd Helfert

  • Alauda  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Minor NoCoZo world with wormhole links to Vast Endeavour and Frei.
  • Algol Broadcasting Foundation  - Text by Håkan Andersson
    A small to medium-sized broadcasting entity affiliated to the NoCoZo, based around the star Algol.
  • Argelander  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Steve Bowers
    Important NoCoZo system; the shipyards of Argelander are famous.
  • Arion Ascendancy, The  - Text by Espen Antonsen
    Hyperexpansionistic interstellar empire in the NoCoZo outer periphery.
  • Arkady 2  - Text by Jules H-G, additional notes by Anders Sandberg
    The only Terragen-inhabited planet in the Toke system. Famous for its strange Terragen dwellers known as the Khira, who augment themselves with huge cybernetic enhancements.
  • Artists of Gleia  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Alife designer collective at Merrion Apogee (NoCoZo), Jensan (Sophic League) and Outpost 5478 (TRHN) that since the 5800's have designed specialized clades of alife to enhance the universe. The Artists were in 7478 declared a honorary state in the MPA.
  • Atlantis (Zeta1 Reticuli II)  - Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev
    Inner sphere old core world; a long-standing NoCoZo Tier III society.
  • Atlantis Freedom Fleet - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    NoCoZo mercenary fleet of the Version War period.
  • Audubon  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Arean-type planet colonized during the First Federation period.
  • Avase  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Minor NoCoZo system, Centauri sector. Its only claim to fame was the battle of 5502, where PCO forces scored their first victory over the Paradigm and turned the tide of the war. The system is currently home to a patriotic but otherwise irrelevant culture that trades in nanocloned war memorabilia, medals and PCO fleet uniforms, and speaks of the day coming soon when they will "finish the job" and "whip the Paradigm's butt".
  • Bazaar Project, The - Text by Anders Sandberg
    A recent attempt (9840) by some of the outer systems of NoCoZo to attract business and gain a foothold in the diffuse Outer Volumes. They have at great expense sent out linelayer ships to make the Bazaar system a trading nexus, hoping to connect to the Carina Rush and the Emple-Dokcetic volume. They appear to be influenced by the ideologies of the fairly young AI of Mutual Satisfaction.
  • Big Bob  - Text by Steve Bowers
    A superjovian gas giant orbiting YTS 785634.09 in Puppis, where the primitive lifeforms called Angel Hair have evolved.
  • Big Five - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    The five main interstellar development megacorporations of the first Federation period - Truth-Santaya Networks, TakiCorb, Terranova Foundation, K4H, and SecureSpace. In the colonies they were very often a law unto themselves. They eventually merged to become the NoCoZo.
  • BoB  - Text by John B
    A.K.A. the Board of Boards - a NoCoZo for-profit organization founded in 7003 which provides a subscription service alerting of suspicious business practices when detected amongst the various regulatory boards.
  • Bolobo  - Text by Steve Bowers
    A planetary system with no large planets, but several smaller worlds which have been shephereded over time into stable orbits.
  • Bolobo Murders  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Engenerator colony subverted by the local controlling AI.
  • Chuckie the Beanz Borg  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Late Emergence to Early Empires Age NoCoZo businessbeing.
  • Clienta Johannis - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important NoCoZo system.
  • Corona (Iota Piscium I )  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Former capital of the Taurus Nexus; now an important academic world.
  • Damage Waiver  - Text by John B
    A part of doing business with any sophont within the NoCoZo, damage waivers indicate that the product or service in question is deemed 'safe' for a specific type or types of sophonts when used in one or more specific manner(s).
  • Dauntless Incorporated  - Text by Chris Shaeffer
    Private Defense Agency
  • Dorminy IV - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important NoCoZo system.
  • Douh - Text by Anders Sandberg
    NoCoZo trade language in the Anglish family, derived from the First Federation Old Anglic Pidgin and Merrionese.
  • Druidworld  - Text by Jorge Ditchkenberg
    Historical recreation world with massive megalithic monuments
  • Dusty Scuttlers  - Text by KLS
    Extinct vec clade from the Interplanetary and Nanotech Ages, which have since been lazurogened in the Metasoft Version Tree.
  • Edible Music  - Text by John B
    Competitive musical performance craze.
  • Enclave of Mutual Satisfaction - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Independent enclave within the NoCoZo. In 4599, during the Version War the NoCoZo system Mutual Satisfaction was isolated by Dominion attacks. Following the loss of the wormhole link the economy collapsed, but over the next century it recovered and began to build up self sufficiency. When contact was restored 290 years later, it refused to rejoin the NoCoZo for unclear reasons and becomes an independent enclave, although for all practical purposes still NoCoZo. During the following renaissance the local Institute of Interstellar Economics grew to a prominent position, and remains the pride of the tiny enclave.
  • Eostremonath - 61 Virginis IV  - Text by John M. Dollan, amendments by Mark Ryherd
    61 Virginis IV; inner sphere terraformed world, at one time a lost colony.
  • Epsilon Indi  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Early colonized system, old Inner Sphere world, colonized by House Stevens. Since the Empires Era a part of the NoCoZo.
  • Evermore  - Text by Chris Shaeffer
    Megastructure habitat consisting of multiple cylinders, on the edge of Disarchy space
  • Eä Mulsystems  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    First Federation megacorporation. Eä Mulsystems emerged from the merger of Graphos Habeng and Kbelt Aitronics in 3076. It soon became a major development of integrated AI solutions, controlled environments and habitat infrastructure. Although it had no interstellar traffic on its own, it constructed starship habitats and space networks in other solar systems for many other megacorporations.
  • Fiarro Twin Worlds, The  - Text by Steve Bowers, Michael Jones and Mark Ryherd
    Twin terrestrial worlds in Vela.
  • Frei  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    HJer-IV, NoCoZo, primary around which orbit the (in)famous Makrania Orwoods. There is a large wormhole plexis which connects directly to Merrion, Alauda, and a number of other worlds.
  • Galactic Information Bank  - Text by John B
    The most profitable of several NoCoZo megacorps which maps, makes easily searchable, and caches large sections of the Known Net for its subscribers.
  • Galrecon  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Type I Shellworld badly damaged in Version War.
  • Gatewai  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Shared Metasoft-NoCoZo world in the Inner Sphere - famous for an appearance of the so-called "Femtotech Messiah".
  • Gillbank  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Steve Bowers
    Crucis Corridor Negentropist world subverted by the Neutral Way, declared itself the Disarchy Alliance, led by the Postscripts of Randomness, as a deliberate parody of Negentropism.
  • Gshru - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Home to a mostly seafaring abdicator civilisation of hermaphrodites, in NoCoZo territories. It is is apparently slowly developing on its own inside the restriction swarms surrounding the system.
  • Gum Nebula  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Very large, diffuse Middle Regions Nebula
  • Hammerstein  - Text by Steve Bowers
    LinnEnt colony, populated by engenerator technology
  • Hethus V - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    NoCoZo world where mecha combat by pregnant human females is allowed in the gladiatorial arenas, such combat is generally given a separate class since it carries such an advantage (thanks to increased reaction time). And even on Hethus the rules limit female baseline pilots to a maximum of three full combat-pregnancies. Any additional pregnancies must be accompanied by a leave of sabbatical from the arena (old law).
  • Hipparkos - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important NoCoZo system
  • Hod  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    In Cyberhermeticism, the third from the bottom toposophic grade. In Neohermeticism the Archailect of the NoCoZo; or the NoCoZo as a whole.
  • Hokon 21453  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Planetary development NoCoZo businessbeing.
  • Homo economicus  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    NoCoZo cyborg clade specialised towards business.
  • Hyttinen - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important NoCoZo system.
  • Industrial Upgradation Incorporated  - Text by Basu
    Transap Megacorp dedicated to upgrading modosophont societies with transapient technology.
  • Institute of Applied and Theoretical Memetics  - Text by Graham Hopgood
    Institute dedicated to the study and use of cultural ideas, symbols and conditioning.
  • Invisible Hand of the Market, The  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Distributed and impersonal Archailect of the NoCoZo
  • Isi-IV - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    NoCoZo world, home to the famous Mayane collection, which features some important examples of Perfect Art.
  • Jean Te Uahlg Aestheticism  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Minor cultural movement from Wrangham in the vicinity of the Pismis 4 cluster which has become a major interstellar memeplex.
  • Kaumbrey - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Alpha Euterbia II. Olumbi region in the NoCoZo, known for wild pet humans.
  • Krutarians  - Text by Felipe Brando Cadavid
    A humanoid rianth clade combining homo superior and bitenic squid DNA. They serve and are fanatically loyal to an S:2 being called Krutarkilush who is engaged in the creation of a moon or jupiter node and apparently intends toposophic ascent.
  • League of Legitimate Businessbeings  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Interstellar crime syndicate. Started as a beamed power conglomerate in the Linnent and Terranovan colonies, the first singularity League of Legitimate Businessbeings expanded into meteoroid and asteroid control, and provided protection for spacecraft on interplanetary transfer orbits.
  • Libertarianism  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Society based on minimal government and an absence of interference in individual lifestyles; the ruling ideology of the NoCoZo.
  • LinnEnt (Linnaeus Enterprises)  - Text by Steve Bowers
    A commercial empire in the First Federation era and beyond, dedicated to colonising new systems using Engenerator technology.
  • Locus  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Ikarian/Vesperian terrestrial (Eccentric tidally locked world).
  • Lombardo  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Inner Sphere NoCoZo system, was first established as a Free Zone during the middle Federation period. The system is inhabited by corporate hyperturings, vecs, and near-baseline bionts and cyborgs.
  • M'Buto - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Inner Sphere system, home of a number of diverse clades. Joined the Virginis Combine, later became part of the Conver Ambi, in turn annexed and assimilated by the Solar Dominion. Broke free after the Version War to become a joint Metasoft-NoCoZo administered system.
  • Manyanga - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important NoCoZo system.
  • Marketer Fleet, The  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Marketing cult and para-religion.
  • Mekelon - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Home to the Astrographic Institute. Part of the NoCoZo.
  • Merrion  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Honorary capital world of the NoCoZo.
  • Merrion Apogee - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    NoCoZo world, one of the centers of the Artists of Gleia.
  • Mira  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Steve Bowers
    (Omicron Ceti), variable red giant star in the constellation called Cetus. It was discovered in 1596 by David Fabricus, an amateur Dutch astronomer. Mira (meaning "wonderful") was named by Johannes Hevelius in 1662. Its mass is about the same as Sol but it varies in size and brightness over a period of 332 days.
  • Morini - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Darro Local Sector, Non-Coercive Zone - the system from which Fire dancing originated, and to which the art form is still mostly limited.
  • Murder Lottery  - Text by John B
    The planet Spandle within the NoCoZo is well known for its unique birth-control system. Spandle allows complete free-breeding, but also has the Murder Lottery. Due to its complete free-breeding standards, it is a sought-after living location within the fairly heavily regulated NoCoZo. The catch is this: Every one to two local years (approx 325-650 standard days or 334-668 local days), the Murder Lottery takes place for a period of 10 local days. Anyone who has retained free-breeding status at any time during the last 4 years and are beyond the age of puberty are entered into a vast lottery on a previously unannounced day. The winners of this lottery are those who are capable of killing at least 3 of the names drawn during this 10 day period. The number of names drawn at any one time is one percent of a number proportionate to the population overpressure, plus 1/3rd.
  • Nadia  - Text by Steve Bowers
    LinnEnt colony, populated by engenerator technology
  • NanoAdhesives Board (NAB)  - Text by John B
    NanoAdhesives Board - an industry-wide agency amongst the NoCoZo, it regulates and approves nanoadhesives for compatibility with a sheaf of publicized standards.
  • Nanocookies  - Text by Michael Boncher, some slight modifications by M. Alan Kazlev
    Nanotech devices for monitoring customers and potential customers.
  • Naos  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    O class supergiant in the far outskirts of NoCoZo, colonized in the 7680's by a bizarre corporate-religious clade calling itself the UV Consciousness.
  • Neli-Neti  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Twin planets in Musca.
  • New Mars  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    11 Leo Minoris II. World inhabited by Martian tweaks.
  • Newlife  - Text by Steve Bowers
    System on the NoCoZo border with two terraformed planets, each with very unusual experimental biospheres.
  • NewRoot  - Text by Todd Drashner
    The ceremonial capital of the Metasoft Version Tree.
  • Nova Terra  - Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev
    The first successful human interstellar colony.
  • Noyce  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Inner sphere NoCoZo system also known as Hokon's Third Purchase, approximately 90 LY from Sol.
  • Oia (Here)  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Oia, a predominantly cyborg world at the edge of Sophic League space.
  • Olumbi region, The  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    The Olumbi region is one of the rimwards parts of the middle NoCoZo, bordering on the Sophic League and located between the Vela Nebula and Pismis 4. Its name comes from Olumbi Developments, a late Consolidation Era colonization corp that implemented a fast wormhole/terraforming/leasing operation similar to Cygexba.
  • Other Self  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Bionano wetware consisting of drugs and bionanites that causes temporary personality alteration.
  • Ozymandias (world)  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Vela Sector - NoCoZo. Capital world of the Genen gas-giant extremophile superfamily the Premacy.
  • Party of Economic Propriety - Text by Anders Sandberg
    NoCoZo ideological group, seeking to uncover evidence of bad business practices, fraud and coercion.
  • Pelion and Ossa  - Text by Steve Bowers, with suggestions from Radtech497 and l0b0_t0mmy
    Two small terrestrial worlds which collided in 9526 AT.
  • Penglai Empire, The  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Early superbright-tweak empire, based around Penglai.
  • Polyanna - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Home to the Institute of Applied Hermeneutics, NoCoZo.
  • Prospera - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important NoCoZo system.
  • Regor Magnetar, the  - Text by Steve Bowers
    The Supernova Remnant left behind by the explosion of Gamma-2 Velorum A.
  • Regor Supernova, The  - Text by Steve Bowers
    A NoCoZo survey mission to this star arrived too late to prevent a supernova.
  • Relief  - Text by John B
    NoCoZo system in which there there are effectively no crimes if one can pay. There are five main habitats; two cater to the extreme pleasure market and three to hunting and aggression.
  • Rentless Sectors - Text by John B
    NoCoZo derogative slang typically indicating squatter infested properties. May also be used as an insult in many NoCoZo polities. "E's clearly from a rentless sector, hon, leave 'em alone."
  • Republic of Bethsyngaria  - Text by Tony Jones
    Local empire in the NoCoZo which suffered a runaway population explosion.
  • Rosette Cluster - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Heavily populated and prosperous NoCoZo-TRHN tourist system, home to a number of hedonics corporations and experimental habitats and lifestyles.
  • Rudolph  - Text by Ernst Stavro Blofeld
    System of worlds catering to the combat-fetishism market.
  • Rufus  - Text by Steve Bowers
    A planet with five moons, mostly inhabited by Dog provolves.
  • Sakvaback  - Text by Steve Bowers, after the original by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important NoCoZo system.
  • Secharia  - Text by Steve Bowers
    NoCoZo, former Doran Empire world inhabited by dwarf cybertweaks.
  • Sisyphos  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Chthonian type world; joint NoCoZo and Metasoft sovereignty.
  • Standard Damage Waiver - Text by John B
    Those waivers approved and sealed by the Standard Damage Waiver Board. They are normally what is meant by a 'damage waiver' and are distinguishable by their seal. The classic example is the standard damage waiver for 1 litre of fluid water in a single-use soft pressure vessel, which runs to approximately 5 quadrillion characters as translated into ancient earth English. This is easily understandable, as it covers all 'safe' uses for that quantity or some smaller amount of liquid water, including weapons-grade uses, heat dissipation, heat absorption, heat transfer, diffusion, solution, lubrication, ice production, biological uses, etc.
  • Standard Damage Waiver Board  - Text by John B
    A service free for purchasers and users which coordinates (at a fee paid by the producers and/or safety corporation(s) involved) the 'standardization' of damage waivers across multiple competing products and producers.
  • Sökvabäck - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important NoCoZo system.
  • Tao Li  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important NoCoZo system.
  • Tau Ceti (planetary system)  - Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev
    Home system of the first successful extrasolar human colony.
  • Terranova, 82 Eridani IV  - Text by Anders Sandberg, amended by Steve Bowers and John M. Dollan
    Member of the Eridanus League, later headquarters of the Terranova Foundation exploration megacorps. Now a private resort world.
  • Top Ten Thousand ('Triple T') - Text by John B
    A NoCoZo subscription service which offers information leading to the top ten thousand anything, including RL horror stories, VR beauties, most unique structures, most lethal event, most entertaining lethal event, etc. Company public relations literature indicates that there are some 106 researchers on duty at any one time, adding some 109 multi-rated records per shift. Amazingly, there have been no major scandals regarding this corporation except the rotten-fruit disagreement of rated and unrated entities. Triple-T was quietly bought out by the Galactic Information Bank some 2,500 years ago and fell under their access fee schedule.
  • Twilight  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Tidally locked world, formerly named Dawn. Founding member of the Eridanus League.
  • Tyrkenian Institute, The  - Text by Thorbjørn Steen
    Educational institute where modosophonts are taught by transapient masters.
  • Unscanned Market - Text by John B
    A semi-mythological portion of the NoCoZo economy dealing with unregistered ("unscanned") products. These products are either incredibly cheap, or not normally available due to sophont rights or other moral or societal restrictions. The best confirmed independent estimates of the Unscanned Market indicate that it is at best a small fraction of a percent of the GCP of the NoCoZo, even if various demagogues inflate the estimate by some factor.
  • Varnerkaspi  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Outer Crucis Corridor/Centaurus Sector Outer Volumes world formerly inhabited by the Neutral Way clade Durrel Inheritors
  • Vast Endeavour - Text by Anders Sandberg
    NoCoZo world in the Weber Expanse, inhabited mostly by vecs and Homo economicus. Most well known for its highly erratic and creative sentient core markets. It is the major cluster of businessmind metareviewing in the NoCoZo and is known for the Institute of Economic Architecture and the infamous Chahipho Collection of alien art.
  • Version War, The  - Text by Anders Sandberg, M. Alan Kazlev, Peter Kisner, Aaron Hamilton
    A major Inner Sphere war of the Fifth Millennium.
  • Wega  - Text by Jorge Ditchkenberg
    A paraterraformed moon in the Inner Sphere, famous Inner Sphere as a centre for independent thought and modosophont autonomy.
  • Zarathustra  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    A colony that recovered from near-collapse to become one of the most successful in the Inner Sphere.
  • Zarauztar  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important NoCoZo system.
  • Zhang Qian   - Text by Steve Bowers
    Sophic League planet with mobile cities.
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Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 05 July 2000.

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