New Montana
New Montana
Image from Steve Bowers
New Montana has a single supercontinent, Missoula
Star YTS-4885002-3825-IV
Type G2v
Luminosity 0.9 x Sol
RA 18h41'54"
Dec -51.987
Constellation Telescopium
Distance 1098 ly

MPA/Utopia system.

Originally discovered during the middle expansion era by Utopia autoexplorers, that merely noted a life-bearing but otherwise uninteresting planet; they instead built a base on the Hermian Type moon Mineral of the gas giant Custer and began to import various isolationist utopia habitats.

As MPA colonists arrived, they discovered the evidence of an extinct intelligent species (the Thyresta) and began full-scale settlement. As a part of the MPA-Utopia accords, the system was put under a shared government of the MPA AI Mina Tawattaran and the Utopia AI Yellowstone.

The system is today noted for its Thyresta provolution experiments, a large number of habitats with relocated Homo epimetheus hominoids (descendants of the earliest case of collective subsingularity abdication ), and the extensive cavern cities on Mineral.

Image from Juhomatti Männistö

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Initially published on 09 December 2001.