Beta Cygni A+B

Image from Steve Bowers
Albireo A is 4000 AU from Albireo B at closest approach. Albireo B is a fast rotating blue star with Be characteristics; Albireo A is a giant yellow star, with a dwarf companion at 40 AU

Double star in the Cygnus Inner Quadrant, developed by a number of superbright and po clades.

The primary is Albireo A, a K3II bright yellow giant star, and the companion Albireo B is blue. Distance about 386 light years from Sol. The system was developed early on by a number of superbright and posthuman clades. Presently a major stargate nexus and Known Net relay linking the Inner Sphere with the Cygexpa Middle Volumes. Capital system of the Albireo Confluence.

Industries include datastorage, virchrunning, amat production, anakalyptics, ultratech futures exchange, avatar templates and persona production, finance, media, magmatter computronium development, heavy industry, shipyards, archailectology, and clarketech analysis.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 December 2001.