In Hindu religion and Indian memetics in general, the supreme, impersonal, absolute reality, which is the indweller in every entity, animate and inanimate, the true nature of the self (Atman), and of the essence of being-consciosuness-bliss (sachchidananda). A distinction is made between the Brahman without qualities (nirguna brahman) and the Brahman with (saguna brahman), the latter being identified with the personal God (Ishwara). Although the majority view (represented for example by Advaita Vedanta) was that the nirguna brahman preceeded the saguna brahman, some monotheistic Hindu sects considered the Brahman with qualities to be higher.

During the later atomic age the monistic conception of Brahman was assimilated into the Western NuAge mindset, trans-personal psychology, etc, along with other forms of monistic mysticism. By the early Information Age the Brahman meme had become pretty much intermixed with comparable Buddhist, Sufii, Taoist, and other memecities. However, a few ethnic Indian dominated habitats continued to preach the supreme brahman until well into the Empires period, and the meme remains strong to this day among some Sophic monastic clades, and, less critically held, NuAge and neo-nuage groups in the Pleiades Volume. (Sanskrit)
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 October 2001.