Abandoned Diamond Belt aioid colony

Image from Steve Bowers

Star: LTT 17897
Distance from Sol: 17.5 ly
Type: M3.5 V
Mass: 0.2 x Sol
Luminosity: 0.00074 Sol
Constellation: Orion

LTT 17897 III is a carbonaceous planetoid orbiting the dim M4 star LTT 17897. It is notable for the signs of massive nanofacturing on the surface, constructed approximately 502 AT, long before First Federation explorers reached this system.

It is believed that these structures were used to launch von Neumann probes outwards, but no other evidence of the builders have ever been found and no aioid clade claiming descent from Charybdis has been contacted. The defenses appear similar to those found on Duoden Torus.

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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 24 September 2001.