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Cryoinvest became the largest Novan cryonics investment firm during the First Federation era, managing the money of people in cryonic suspension while they were suspended. Cryonics investment firms were by their nature extremely conservative; cautious and long-range, they never invested in anything carrying the least risk. On the other hand, they had huge amounts of capital and very long-term loans.

Cryoinvest was founded in 1197, and throughout the First Federation period it slowly grew to become a financial force towering in the Nova Terra economy. It invested for the clients of many cryonics companies, such as Status Cryo, Volans Trustees, Concord Cryonics, Osiris Life Extension and even the venerable old Alliance Suspension. With the development of reliable biostasis, more people were prepared to chose suspension technology as a way of preserving themselves in an inactive state for a variety of reasons. Despite using such advanced techniques, the Cryoinvest megacorp has retained its old name.

The discovery of the Conversion and Reactionless drives, and wormhole technology, during the Age of Archai Emergence and the Expansion Era eventually made relativistic travel commonplace. However, rather than becoming redundant the company actually benefited greatly from cheap interstellar travel - a relativistic journey to Earth and back would entail several years of absence, in which time the corporation would invest the client's money just as if you had been frozen.

In more recent eras, many customers chose to enter biostasis without going anywhere (just to jump forward in time, wait for cures, or start a new life afresh) so the cryoinvestment market is still quite hot. To this day, Cryoinvest retains its offices in Carmichael Orbital (outer Nova Terra Orbital Band), overseen by an alternating board of long-term Biostasis travelers.
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Initially published on 07 January 2002.