Five Leaves
Philosophy group dating back to the First Federation.

Founded in 3984 by Emuald E. Baring, Liese-Omi Kahn, Thanith Waypoint, Ull 34 Golden and Wasanatharala at Ganymede Federal University it became a focal point for the sociosubjectivist ideas of the time. Being critical of Federation hegemonism and the emerging ideas of Archailect manifest destiny, it attempted to demonstrate the subjectivity of reality and the reverse absolute of choosing a political system. These attempts were collected in the work The Black Line, published at irregular intervals for the next five millennia.

Over time the original members merged, recruiting new individual members to take the vacant chairs, keeping the number of entities in the group to five. The merged entity, generally called Five Leaves Subject, acts as a philosophical liaison to posthuman sociosubjectivists and interface with the subsingularity philosophers. Since the ComEmp era Five Leaves has been located at Hydersbaad Consensus in the Corona system.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 29 October 2001.