Mythico-psychological religious school, developed from the psychological theories of atomic age psychoanalyst C. G. Jung, became an important minor religion during the Interplanetary Age. The post Federation Age of Establishment saw a revival of Jungian thinking, excited by the emergence of the new Archailects. Much of archailectology during this period was Jungian based, and this supplanted the earlier "Transtoposophic Artificial Theology" cyborg school of Gria Phaedrus (always difficult for SI:<1 sentients to understand), before being replaced in turn by Keterist and Solarist-based Neohermeticism during the Empires Age. Since that period Jungism has remained popular with a number of minor near-baseline, su, and occasional SI:1 posthuman clades, but is more often of local rather than widespread influence. Currently the largest center for Jungism are the Young Jungs of the Abraxas habs (Sophic League habitats in mostly MPA space). Although their influence is greatly reduced since their CoEmp zenith, they still do a good trade in CGJ lazuropersona and mythopoetic didactics.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 25 November 2001.