Jurassica Institute of Paleo Restoration (Negentropist)
Negentropy Jurassica
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Breakaway section of the Jurassica Institute that protested against the move to The Fomalhaut Acquisition Society, instead joining the Negentropy Alliance, claiming that "of all the archailect empires and ideologies, their Precepts of Negentropy are most in harmony with our own Constitution." Even so, the Jurassica Institute (Negentropist) has remained somewhat cool towards the more excessive expressions of the Alliance ideology, and has developed their own, quite heterodox, application of the Precepts, employing frequent Zoeific, and Caretaker God elements, so much so that the Institute memetics seems to have the characteristics of a distinct noetic all to itself.

To this date the Institute remains among the most ambitious of all the great Institutes. They have established some eighteen thousand planetary and orbital Parks and Habitats. Many sophonts regard them as misguided, a few even consider them potentially disruptive, but for the most part they are well-loved and well-received wherever they go. The fact that their parks are often managed along quasi-corporate lines (generating wealth through limited tourism, remote immersion, and totalrecalls) has caused some disquiet among some of their Negentropist patrons, but revenue generated is consistently ploughed back into further projects. In 9215, following a petition by the Institute's Board in the face of extended criticism by Greylag regarding the Institute's suitability as an Alliance Patron, the Judge from the Seat of Judgement made an Explicit Announcement that the Institute was to be allowed to continue its activities without restrictions.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 25 November 2001.