Yin-Yang (Luhman 16)

Early Nauri and Beamrider colony

Yang Band
Image from Steve Bowers
The Yang Band, a dense cluster of habitats and boostbeams surrounding the brown dwarf Yang

Yin-Yang System - Data Panel

SystemNames: Yin-Yang
Components: 2
1) Yin (Luhman 16 A)
2) Yang (Luhman 16 B)
- Distance from Alpha Centauri: 3.559 ly (J2000)
- Distance from Sol: 6.503 ly (J2000)
- Constellation: Vela
YinNames: Yin, Luhman 16 A
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 33.5 x Jupiter
- Radius: 1.01 x Jupiter
- Luminosity: 0.0000286 x Sol (bolometric)
- Temperature: 1,310 Kelvin
- Spectral type: L7.5
- Rotation period: 6.94 hr
- Age: 510 million years
YangNames: Yang, Luhman 16 B
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 28.6 x Jupiter
- Radius: 1.02 x Jupiter
- Luminosity: 0.0000266 x Sol (bolometric)
- Temperature: 1,280 Kelvin
- Spectral type: T0.5
- Rotation period: 5.28 hr
- Age: 510 million years
Binary orbitOrbital characteristics:
- Semi-major axis: 3.557 AU
- Period: 27.54 Julian years
- Eccentricity: 0.343
A pair of brown dwarfs near Solsys, site of one of the first Deeper Covenant colonies and Beamrider Network stations. First colonized by the Naurinume from the Alpha Centauri system, who were then joined by the proto-Deepers during the Sundering. During the First Federation era, a number of clades and cultures settled and developed here.

Currently Yin-Yang is a prosperous and diverse old core system and beamrider nexus. Yang is surrounded by a dense ring of habitats and boostbeams known as the Yang Band.
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Initially published on 15 December 2001.