AI statesbeing and philosopher, 315+ AT.

Godfrey-9 is renowned as a "rennaisance being", philosopher, artist, and ai-at-leisure; originally a CisLunary Administrative Node on Zindell Orbital, who ascended to SI:1 in the mid 5th century. During this time e published a number of important didactic and artistic works, including Prolegema to a Rational Mysticism, and All The Cosmos In A Datacrystal. Despite the destruction of Zindell Orbital, Godfrey-9 managed to escape the Technocalypse by downloading eir personality into a specially customised neumann ship and departing for the Oort Cloud. E returned to the inner SolSystem in 925 and took part in First Federation culture for some 850 years, later joining the Terragen Federation. While the original Mind has since merged with the TF archailects, a number of copies are still in existence: beta and epsilon in the New Earth Orbital Bands, alpha making a Grand Tour of the Civilized Galaxy, and zeta, gamma and delta exploring the middle and outer volumes (gamma has not been heard from in over two thousand years and is believed lost, possibly having fallen afoul of a solipsist node).

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 October 2001.