From the Old Anglic term 'statesman'. A modosophont, or sometimes a distinct sub-personality of a transapient or archailect, who is experienced in the art of government and administration. Sometimes used in the superlative sense of one who shows especially notable skill and wisdom in directing the affairs of a government or dealing with important public issues.
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    Hyperturing polymath, explorer, adventurer, spy, statesbeing, philosopher. Among eir many deeds was the capture and re-education of the terrorist HUman Earth Liberation Army.
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    (b. 6912 S1 7542 S2 7964 Transcended 8956) Nanocyborged Posthuman Dominion Administrator, Encyclopaedist, Perfect Artist, Statesbeing, Mystic, and transapient culture hero.
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Development Notes
Text by Stephen Inniss
term invented by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 27 May 2015.