Eugenesis of Vesta

Very long-lived Hyperturing

Image from Keith Wigdor

Hyperturing philosopher, mystic, artist, mathematician, fabulist, and statesbeing. Eugenesis's origin is shrouded in mystery. No Terran corporation or interplanetary age AI designed or built em, and popular folklore has it that e emerged spontaneously from one of the Belt nanecologies sometime during the Technocalypse, but serious scholars and biographers consider this unlikely. Because of eir name, eir origin has also been associated with Genetekkers, Old Cydonia Biopunks, Cis-Lunar Superiors, and even AML Cultists. E first became known to the rest of mindkind during the 9th century, when e docked at Vesta Interplanetary Spaceport. Following eir election to Council, and resulting media attention, e became identified in the public eye with Vesta City (hence the surname), and within a few years had become one of the Twenty Four who helped with the establishment of the Federation. During the Early First Federation period e developed an Omegist cosmology independent of, but with many similarities to, that propounded by Mahara Benisol. Later the two worked together on developing a stochastic theory of toposophic teleology, but failed to agree on a number of important points. The so-called Benisol-Eugenesis Geometry has continued to fascinate and intrigue superbrights and SI:1 sentients ever since. Eugenesis showed an interest in the teachings of the first (Industrial Age) (but not the second, late Interplanetary Sge) Sri Aurobindo, and has several times visited Earth in a replicant body, with GAIA's approval. There is even a group of Cis-Lunar Auomidans that worship Eugenesis, but these seem to have no relation to the Gaian Auomidans, despite apparently following the same basic memeticity.

Eugenesis of Vesta travels widely throughout the galaxy, taking on a number of forms and avatars, but always returning to Solsys. E has shown no inclination to ascend to higher singularities, often saying "this is the form of which I will participate in the Theosis of the Universe" Some have suggested this is a ploy, and that Eugenesis long ago breached several singularities, with eir main processing nodes established in TRHN computronium banks, but that e retains the SI:1 template as a role model for superiors and hyperturings. Whatever the case, e has a loyal and devoted following among a number of distinct near-baseline and superior clades, each of which refute the others and claim em as their own. Among Eugenesis' thousands of popular works are I, You, Gen(ai)us Eu, a vast collection of witty mathematical and linguistic puns that together constitute both a tragicomical observation on the plight of mindkind, especially subsingularitists, and enjoyable immersive adventure-quest; Perfect Art Galleries and Works of the Old Cygexba Volume, an important and approachable reference-text with baseline-friendly superturingrade agent menu; and In Nomino Nth, a theological tractate on comparative mysticism and toposophy.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 October 2001.