To Lerik
Edenese superbright philosopher, poet, playwright, knowledge miner, hedonicist, and fabulist, born 3072 AT.

To Lerik wrote no less than three thousand separate works during the period from 3200-3650 a.t. (Interstellar Empires period). Ironically eir most influential opus, the "Velvet Series" of interactives, which became the basis for the teachings of the Orthodox Tolerikerian Church. They were later rejected by the author as "Practice Runs on the SimStage of Life", but most literary critics agree that this was said to annoy the Tolerikerians, since To Lerik has in several virchmails stated the "Velvet Series" was "the high point of my early and adolescent post rejuve phase". E seemed mildly bemused by the adulation around what most scholars agree was not in any way eir most subtle work (that honor belongs to On The Xarridin Way), repeated refused requests to be the Tolerikerians "First One".

To Lerik was deeply shaken and disillusioned by the atrocities of the Version War, and renounced eir Edenese citizenship, resettling on Corona, where he was an eloquent spokesperson for the early ComEmp. Eir Late ComEmp period is widely acknowledged as his best. Following eir twenty-fifth rejuvenation in 5819, e lost interest in academics, ghedonics, and fabulism, and, deciding to devote emself to a life of contemplation, and migrated to the Patanjali Ring, Sophic League, where e entered nirvana in 5992. However, a clonecopy from eir eighteenth rejuvenation was restored in 8264 by the Friends of To Lerik, a neb hedonicist group. To Lerik and a small circle of friends and eternal disciples are still to be found in the stately habitat of Xarridin, Corona System
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 January 2002.