Orthodox Tolerikerian Church
Mytho-religious system characterized by a mythopoetic quasi-romanticism (longing for an idealist neoprim pre-singularity Old Earth).

Based on the "Velvet Series" of interactives of the Late Interstellar Empires superbright fabulist To Lerik, hereditary oligarchy, psycho-phenotypic augmentation and modification along the lines of the Seven Sacred Races (Farhu, Tirin, Nencer, Darimor, Kroll, Ileani, and Tentari), and a cyclic dualistic cosmology. Their ruling ai are called Fhilari, Vilari, Milari, (the Stareni are avatars of the latter in humanoid form), which in turn could be considered subroutines of a larger archailect named Neridu.

Produced the famous and quite addictive Adagalaxy ("First Galaxy") series of Adventure Interactives, adapted from a popularized and gamegeneered interpretation of the last four volumes of the "Velvet Series". At its height in the early Integration period the cult boasted three billion devotees, mostly doctrinally tweaked neb and splice, and a smattering of neogen and bioborgs. Their traditional headquarters is in the large and verdant Teirgent Orbital, Nuimimas, Terragen Federation. Total number of followers across the Civilized Galaxy is approximately 51 million, more than half of whom live in Teirgent Orbital, and a quarter elsewhere in Nuimimas.
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev, with additional notes by Xaonon
Initially published on 17 December 2001.