A sophont who has been programmed by a higher toposophic to carry a memetic payload and infect a target community or environment.

Unlike Meme Mules, Memoids are conscious of the meme, and have incorporated it into their being. They may often (but not necessarily) take ecclesiastic or other religious or quasi-religious form, seeing their work as a sacred duty. A subclass of memenger

Some variants of Memoid and (in some cases) Meme Mule types

  • stealth - looks like any other sentient in target population - transmits in secret
  • allos - of different form, behaviour, psychology etc to target population - transmits publicly
  • neon - uses radical display, wetware, clothing, behaviour, remotes, augments etc to draw attention to emself - transmits publicly
  • prophet - like neon, advertises emself, - transmits publicly, usually considered a divine messenger by target population
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 December 2001.