Fedhed, Clade
Clade Fedhead*
Image from Keith Wigdor and Bing Image Creator
Pseudo-historical nearbaseline biont clade created by the vec Dimimimon4 in the mid 5th millennium AT. This clade replicates a typical citizen of the Federation of Sophonts from the 2nd millennium AT.

They can easily be distinguished from genuine early 2nd millennium lazurohistorical recreations by their naïve pop-fictional concept of the "First Federation" as a sort of proto-sephirotic utopian superpolity, when in reality it was a very challenging era for its citizens, especially those living on the periphery of the Inner Sphere as it then existed.

Most fedheds are staunch codominionists, and passionately argue for a sharing of power between ai (regardless of toposophic) and hu. Although easily able to cope with most high tech societies, orthodox Fedheds stubbornly cling to their separate identity, believing themselves to be the true heirs of the First Federation and not wanting to mix with lesser "moderns". A few Fedheds joined the Terragen Federation, whilst others set up separate enclaves. Fedheds are rare now, as the young and the disenfranchised among them tend to assimilate easily into the civilized galaxy.

The only surviving populations today are found in habitats in the less populated hinteregions, although individual Fedheds can still be seen making the "Grand Tour", or working as crew on relativistic spaceships, where they welcome the isolation from the overwhelming memetic pressure of modern life.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 16 September 2004.