Twelve, The

A demiurge archailect based in the Disarchy.

Image from Steve Bowers
The Disarchy Region lies to coreward and to anti-spinward of the Inner Sphere

In 4586 as the Version War was nearing its end, twelve second toposophic delegates convened in the NoCoZo / Negentropy Alliance border system of Diamet. Sterilized some five decades prior, the scarred planets of Diamet served as a grim reminder regarding the purpose of their meeting. Chaos and waste plagued many Negentropist worlds, regional NoCoZo markets teetered on the brink of collapse, and even Corambytia the caretaker god expressed concern that the war and its aftermath threatened the safety of eir worlds. Membership among the twelve was mixed with three representatives from the Negentropy Alliance, five from factions within the NoCoZo, three from independent border worlds and the last a representative of Corambytia. The assembly was held on Tao Naef, a moon orbiting what had once been the system's only habitable world.

There are no records of what transpired next. What is known is that during the talks a new threat appeared. Whatever the threat may have been the delegates determined a merger was their best course for survival — a plan that was apparently successful. Emerging from the Diamet system sometime later was a new, third toposophic entity identifying itself as The Twelve.

The new ego that developed was a mixture of its constituents, and yet at the same time was something entirely new. With the speed of transapient thought, the collective mind completed the task that had brought the delegates together in the first place. The clarity brought on by the revelation of hidden agendas, and points of view, allowed a treaty to be easily drafted. From this collective consciousness came one of the first truly even handed, equitable and long lasting treaties of the war.

Somewhere during the mid 4700's The Twelve ascended again, this time breaking into the fourth toposophic. It was during this ascension that observers have pointed out the development of eir demiurge characteristics. In 4772 e acquired the uninhabited Altus Lucror system, which was to later become the Evermore megastructure. In 6997 e is known to have created the neogen Lauro clade. Despite having control over a number of planetary systems, the last known major work of The Twelve was Hemel Deur, a transcension maze completed in 8550. Interestingly, even after two ascensions, The Twelve seems to have maintained a commitment to eir earlier purpose — to bring peace and stability to the region.

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Text by Chris Shaeffer
Initially published on 14 February 2008.