::NN:: REPLICATOR WATCH - The Horror at the Museum

Image from Bernd Helfert

During today's exhibition of pre-singularity antiques at the Herlam Museum of Higher Art and Finance, a replicating swarm occurred. As a group of tourists were shown around, the guide demonstrated the features of an early information-era satellite retrieved from interplanetary space.

As ve did so, a nanoinfestation emerged from a previously undetected pocket in the paint and caused a limited outbreak of the infamous Zelluloze Bulldozer. Museum nanodefenses immediately activated and could contain the infestation within minutes, but the exhibition had to be evacuated for several hours. Museum officials commented that there were no danger to the visitors and just another example of how history is full of surprises.

Actuality Shortfall
Image from Steve Bowers
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Image from Bernd Helfert

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Initially published on 20 January 2002.