Bunny Plague, The
Bunny Plague
Image from Steve Bowers
They're cute, cuddly, and want to love you without limit.
What could possibly go wrong?

A minor perversity found in the Outer Volumes. Its main manifestation is in the form of subsophont bionts, initially in the form of female humanoid rabbits, though they will create whatever forms the local population finds cutest and cuddliest. They seek 'masters' to love and do the bidding of.

Once a threshold number of "Bunnies" has been reached, their networked intelligence becomes savantish in technical skills, in figuring out how to achieve their goal, but continue to lack enough self-analysis or self-awareness to set new goals, determine the worth of their goals, or the consequences of fulfilling their goals. Then, in order to better protect their masters, the "Bunnies" will implement as thorough an angelnet as local technology allows.

If left unchecked, the end result is a society consisting primarily of "Bunnies" who essentially keep their humans imprisoned for their own safety, in the name of those humans' happiness.

At present, this blight remains rare. However, a single Bunny can birth more Bunnies, leading to a Fibonnaci-curve population explosion; and such Bunnies are difficult to distinguish from non-blight pleasure-bionts; leading to the conclusion that full containment will be difficult, if not impossible. In addition, the idea of a planet full of Bunnies who would imprison, pamper, love, and protect their "masters" is attractive enough that it is expected some modosophonts will deliberately and actively seek to acquire Bunnies, or at least to travel to Bunny-controlled worlds.
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Text by Daniel Eliot Boese
Initially published on 18 July 2010.

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