Aura Ghami

Aura Ghami
Image from Chris Shaeffer
Aura Ghami in vec form

An artist-philosopher originally from the Keter Dominion but currently residing in the Utopia Sphere. Born in 9547 a.t as a su named Julius Baen e converted from su form to vec form in 9655 a.t and assumed the name Aura Ghami.

Although considered talented and successful within the artistic community, Aura Ghami remained another obscure artist to the general public until 9732 a.t. It was then that e achieved a certain amount of fame, or some would say notoriety, with eir release of the so called Dandelion Swarm.

The 'swarm' started as a 21-meter tall semi-transparent diamondoid sculpture of a single dandelion, complete with a bouquet of seeds. The sculpture's apparent simplicity attracted little if any attention from the public, a non-event Aura Ghami later admitted e had hoped for. In fact at the unveiling only eirs closest friends and associates were in attendance. Once activated the individual seeds began to break away, floating off under the power of fancloth and vacuum balloons. Shortly after the release of the last seed the dandelion began to blossom into an enormous yellow flower. Only Aura Ghami knew this was simply the beginning of the process. It seems each of the released seeds was impregnated with spore technology and wherever they landed new dandelions 'grew' to repeat the process. Very quickly hundreds of dandelions had sprouted over several square kilometers and the local authorities were forced into action to remove them. When questioned after the event Aura Ghami’s only comment was a self satisfied "art imitates life." The local authorities were apparently not amused and Aura Ghami was sentenced to extensive community service.

Within a few years Aura Ghami seems to have grown tired of eir homeworld and set off to explore the stars, taking up the lifestyle of a wandering artist. During the two hundred years that followed e visited dozens of worlds leaving each with an example of eir ever more complex artwork.

In 9957 a.t Aura Ghami finally settled on the Utopia Sphere world of Tranquility, in the Tranquility system, located along the Keter Dominion border. To this day e can still be found there, often among friends in the local Harrroh colony, working with the rare apprentice or flying about in eir home the Crystal Blossom.

Though e is currently ranked as a superbright many have noted that Aura Ghami has spent a great deal of time in recent years studying ascension and may be on the verge of breaching the first toposophic emself.

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Text by Chris Shaeffer
Initially published on 23 October 2006.