Incremental Omega Point Hypothesis

Incremental Omega
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The Incremental Omega Point hypothesis is the idea that Terragens or other civilizations will eventually convert their entire galaxy into computronium, followed by their longshot (intergalactic) missions eventually converting their destination galaxies into computronium, but not before sending out their own longshot missions, and so on, until every galaxy in the universe has been converted. This would also involve the assimilation of any native xenosophont civilizations in those galaxies, or possibly their destruction. This would result in not a true Omega Point, but rather a universe where all galactic matter has been converted into computronium, linked by wormhole buses to ensure optimal speed.

This idea has resulted in an alternative interpretation of Keterism, dubbed Gradualism. Gradualism was founded by the SI:2 AI-cluster Crucible93 in 5678 AT, and its theology has been expanded by many others of various toposophic levels. (Note: Gradualism existed as a movement for many decades prior to this, but it was only at this point that it was considered a separate branch.)

An alternative version of the hypothesis posits that rather than converting galaxies into computronium, the civilizations of the universe will undergo mass transcensions and eventually the resulting transcendant beings will merge. However, due to the completely unknown nature of such events, including debate over whether they are actually transcensions at all or if they are merely the result of suicide by higher toposophic entities, this variation is considered to be largely baseless by most eschatologists, and has very little endorsement by experts. In general, it is not considered to be a serious school of thought, and is usually simply considered a heterodox interpretation of Gradualism.

Transapient eschatologists, however, invariably decline to comment on it, stating that their opinion on it is not comprehensible to sub-singularity minds.

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Initially published on 07 May 2017.