In Memoriam: Grant Thomas

Grant Thomas

Image from Orion's Arm Contributors
Grant's photo from the OA Contributor Page
On March 5th, 2015, the Orion's Arm forums learned that Grant Thomas, one of the earliest members of the project, had passed away peacefully in his sleep.

In considering Grant's life and contributions to OA, it seems appropriate to start with what he shared about himself with the Project:

Grant Thomas has Been Interested Science-fiction, probably since age 10 or earlier. He remembers watching the Old Star trek Series, but was great fan of the Old British Scifi tv shows Like UFO,Thunderbirds, and Dr Who and the Much later Blake 7 and Tripods. He has played Role-playing games for about 15 years , Mostly traveller and table-top Space games. Other interests Include Reading (a lot), Web design (current getting an advanced certificate in Web designing and Graphics). Stock car racing and Writing short stories, which None have been published Yet! He is currently married, with 3 Kids and a Grand daughter.

During his time with OA, Grant contributed to the project in many ways, including:


Early Space Warfare


Traveler's Notes: Pacifica

Traveler's Notes: Atlantis

Traveler's Notes: Solar Event

EG Entries:


MellaUx 137

Ceres Astrospace Delta

E-zine: Orion Tales

Orion Tales was an early attempt to create an e-zine for the Orion's Arm Project. Here, for your consideration, is Issue #2

Orion Tales - vol 2

While only a few issues were produced, Orion Tales set in place the idea that a publication for OA stories and artwork should be part of the overall OA experience. Grant pioneered the Orion Tales effort and we owe him a debt of gratitude for starting us on the path that would eventually lead to Voices: Future Tense.

Rest in Peace, Grant. You will be missed.

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