Callisto (Sol V-iv)

Callisto 1
Image from Phil B

Callisto is a large, icy, dark-coloured, low-density outer moon of Jupiter (Sol V) that is scarred with impact craters and ejecta, although much of this has been built over, mined, developed, and in other ways transformed. It has a diameter of about 4800 km. It has a rich and vibrant history, and remains the most densely populated of all the Galilean Moons.

Government: Republic of Callisto, administered locally (Asgard Arcology).

Industries: tourism, virches, totalrecalls, finance, cultural and historical research, simmimersion, sex-trade, hedonics and erotechnics, legal, grey-market, and black market nano.

Sophonts: On the surface about 2.5 billion persons, including superiors, dormbots, splices, cyborgs, AIs, copies, and a few baselines, provolves, rianths, and aliens. In the orbitals a further 1 billion of the same.

Planetology: This world, the second largest of the Galileans, is also the most heavily cratered in Sol System, marked everywhere by shallow impact basins. The dirty ice of the crust is pocked by myriads of craters, the largest of which are the huge ringed basins of Valhalla and Asgard, now heavily urbanized. Callisto is far enough from Jupiter that shielding from the intense radiation the planet produces is not necessary; the only one of the Jovian moons thus fortunate.

Callisto 2
Image from Phil B

History and Comments: A major trade, communications and industrial hub during both the interplanetary and federation era. Few of these settlements survived the Technocalypse. The First Federation era saw a new wave of settlers, and Callisto joined Vesta as among the main power centres of the Sol System. At its peak during the late Federation period the population - on and beneath the surface and in the orbitals - numbered some 12 billion. The expansion age, wormholes, cheap amat ships and fast and comfortable reactionless drive ships and the opening of the frontier led to a slow exodus over several centuries, as waves of emigrants sought a better life in the wide-open frontiers. The Version War era saw a brief repopulation by refugees, although this never reached late Federation levels. The huge crowds and crush of populace are now long gone, and the major arcologies and habitats on and beneath the surface now are given to a flourishing tourist trade, entertainment, the arts, virchistorical tours and totalrecalls, a Genetekker revivalist colony and, in some areas, a rather flourishing red light industry.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.