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Solsys (The Old Solar System); The original system of Humanity and the origin of the Terragens Civilisation

Comments:A diverse but politically irrelevant old core system, distinguished as the home system of all Terragen life. Much of the system is locked up as planetary parks and is not available for material exploitation, but this is more than compensated for financially by the massive influx of tourists, researchers, and pilgrims. Planet Earth is under the jurisdiction of the archailect GAIA, the rest of system is governed by the Solar Organisation or is nominally independent.
GalactographySystem: Solsys

Primary: Sol

Stellar Type: G2 V

Companion: none

Region: Sol Sector, Inner Sphere
Planets:Helios A, B, and C intra-Mercury Orbital bands - pop. 450 million, mostly ais and virtuals, with a small number of vecs, cyborgs, animants, sun miners

Mercury Small, rocky history-rich world, non-terraformed. 20 million, mostly ais, vecs, cyborgs, Sun Miners. Orbitals population about 50 million, mostly ais and virtuals More information here

Venus - Recently terraformed; surface population now several billion, currently the most populated world in the system. Orbital population about 1 million, mostly ais, cyborgs, vecs, To'ul'h, and To'u'lhuman. More information here

Earth, Moon, and Cis-Luna space The Earth-Moon system is the major tourist attraction and administrative center, home to 2 billion bionts. Here are the major orbital habitats such as the ancient Roddenberry and even a reconstruction of Island One, the pilgrimage sites among the lunar cities, and various Earth-orbit hotels where the curious can watch the origin of mankind. The Solar Organisation and Institute of Human Archaeology is housed at New Academeion.

Earth The domain of the Archailect GAIA, and the original world of Humanity More information here

Luna The oldest permanent colony in the Terragen Civilisation More information here

Cis-Luna orbitals In the Sol System, refers to the space between the Earth and the orbit of the Moon, and any habitats or orbitals there.

Mars - the current Mars Republic is the oldest continuous government in the Solar System. However it is much more decentralised than the original Republic, and most regions and habitat-states are fairly autonomous. Present population is approximately 900 million sentients.

The Asteroid Belt - the most diverse, densely populated, and history rich part of SolSys, overall population about 160 billion, belonging to every conceivable race, species, and clade. More information here

The Jupiter system - Like the Belt, the Jupiter system, with its myriad of moons, its trojans, and its orbitals, is quite populous and often visited by tourists, mainly ancestry-interested tweaks looking for the history of the Gengineering Republic and the early Genetekker Culture. From her various tours to outer system sights such as Okeanos (a major pilgrimage for Hwii dolphins), the remnants of the GeneTEK habitats (popular among the Genen) and other classic places, the Jupiter system is a place of endless fascination. Most of the population is found on or in orbit around the great moons. All four of the Galilean moons are tidally locked to Jupiter. Ganymede, Callisto and Europa were all icy bodies, so the original colonies were heavily dependent on mining Io and the rocky outer moons for resources. Apart from the Europa experiment, none of the original settlements survived the nanoswarms. The Jupiter system was recolonised and played an important part in the early Federation. More information here

Saturn The glorious rings of Saturn were gradually removed by miners and momentum generation systems; recently several small moons have been artificially pulverized in an effort to replace them for the tourist industry. More information here

Titan More information here

Enceladus More information here




Kuiper Belt

Oort Cloud
AIAI overseers: .
The Solsys Council - Solsys in general, and protectorates
GAIA - mostly Earth, but also some distributed presence elsewhere

AI's ethos: .
The Solsys Council - Protectivist, Mild Interventionist
GAIA - Caretaker God
PolityName: The Solar Organisation

Symbol: stylised map of the sun and nine traditional planets set against an indigo background

Capital: New Academeion (CisLunar L5)

Closest Affiliation: Formalhaut Acquisition Society
Psyche, Art, CultureReligion/Ideology: no predominant official religion or ideology. However various omegist, cosmist, bioist, pantheist, aiist, neotantrist, astrotheist, and other such religions are widely and diversely followed.

Culture and Art: Solsys Culture is an unsystematic amalgamation of various ancient, middle-era, and more current fads and influences, with the central memeticities going back to the First Federation, the Dark Ages, the Interplanetary Era, and even to Old Earth herself. Though one can indeed speak of a general Solsys Culture, this only applies to the major orbitals and capitals, and associated territories and suburbs. Elsewhere, especially in the more isolated belter, haloist, and outer system micromoon cultures, Solsys Culture provides only a background flavour to the local memeticity; in some polities there is no Solsys influence at all, or Solsys culture and memeticities are restricted or discouraged. There are even a few isolated polities and local populations where things have hardly changed in six thousand years.

Language: Official: Cislunese Anglic
Unofficial: many local dialects are found; sometimes entire distinct language families on each asteroid or habitat
Territory and PopulationPopulation: Total about 190 billion
planet / large moon - about 1 billion
planetoid, asteroid-habitats, comet, small moon - about 180 billion
orbitals - about 10 billion
Population breakdown: almost every imaginable race and clade (barring some extreme tweaks and jovics), including some local populations of hu baselines barely changed since the pre-Singularity era
Economics, Local InfrastructureEconomy: See individual member-polity

Currency: Official: SolOrg Currency Unit, SolOrg Dollar, FAS Exchange Unit.
Local currency units (mostly ecurrency, but some metallic alloy, rare earth, info-currency and bio-currency) used on various worlds and habitats.

Major Industries: Archaeology, Heritage Preservation, Tourism, Totalrecalls, Historical Recreations, Personoid Clionics.

Angelnetting : varies from non-existent to full

Major Orbitals: many space habitats of all kinds, some of which are extremely old
Einstein Gate to Tau Ceti (originally 450 meter diameter, later upgraded to 5000 meter gauge)
Sothis Bridge to Sirius
Major Spaceports:Hazard Rating : 0.0 to 1.5 (depending on member-polity or world)

Visa Restrictions : See individual member-polity

Freedom of Movement : See individual member-polity. Earth is off-limits without a special permit

Environmental Requirements : See individual member-polity

Sites of Interest: Old Earth admits no more than a few tens of thousands of tourists and worshippers each year; however tourist sites can be found on every world and major body of the Old Solar System, especially Mars and Luna
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Initially published on 17 October 2008.