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On ancient Old Earth (Information Age), the ailogist Hans Moravec had pointed out that there were an infinite number of nontrivial ways of transforming the actual universe into a representation following its own laws, where each event in the real universe would be represented but in a different context.

A typical example would be viewing the Fourier-transform of the universe: particles would be replaced with waves, and local interactions with non-local (and vice versa). A new set of physical laws would describe the Fourier-universe, but the underlying material reality would be the same as the normal universe. He also suggested that at least in some of these alternate representations there could exist intelligent life, consisting of widely dispersed processes and correlations in our own universe.

In the 6800's the Keterist Reality Intratextualization Project (RIP) began to study the question seriously, using ultrascale computations in the recently vacated megacomputing nodes of the Ull cluster. They create different "readings" of the universe using the simulators, exploring their properties and whether they could maintain complex systems. To date they have discovered 453,644 alternate representations that have been proven to be able to contain intelligent entities. Most are wildly nonlocal and acausal from the view of our universe, and practically impossible to explore outside of simulations. However, approximately 2000 have sufficiently mild differences to be amenable to physical study, and RIP has done extensive monitoring to study what these alternate readings of the universe contains.

Recently (9640) RIP claimed success in detecting signs of intelligent life in an inverse Mho Kold-transform of the universe. The project has begun the deployment of gravity wave detectors and transmitters across inhabited space in order to signal to and from the transform universe (due to the nature of the inverse Mho Kold-transform they need a very large baseline in order to create a sufficiently localized effect in the transform universe). Critics point out that the inhabitants will be more different than any alien life ever encountered (including Hildemar's Knots) and that contact will necessarily be limited to a polite exchange of mathematics. RIP evangelists on the other hand see this as the chance of contacting new cultures and, if information transfer can be made reliable enough to transmit software, doubling the volume of inhabitable space in a single sweep.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 22 December 2001.

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