Dualist Meta-Theology
A school of thought that performs comparative theology with the following thesis: our spacetime continuum is the work of a beneficent deity whose creation was disrupted by a maleficent deity of comparable power.

The two deities are stalemated in their struggle and are seeking to recruit even the minuscule efforts of creations within our spacetime to tip the balance. As all their power is already committed to maintaining the stalemate they can only interact with our spacetime in a very weak manner (such as sending revelatory messages to prophets).

Both deities are engaged in intense memetic warfare. The beneficent deity seeks to give us the truth and instruction to aid em and ourselves. The maleficent deity seeks to block, destroy and corrupt this information, instead giving disinformation to gain our aid in our own destruction. Dualist Meta-Theology holds that all revelatory religion can be viewed in the context of memetic warfare between these two deities, and DMT theorists therefore seek to discern how much truth or falsehood each religion contains. Though Dualist Meta-Theology is usually put in terms of two deities it can also be formulated with groups of deities (usually two opposed pantheons). Several analyses formulated by adherents to DMT have been used as grounds for religious wars over the millennia.
see also Pluralist Meta-Theology
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Text by Glen Finney
Initially published on 17 October 2004.