Durang, Durant
Durant Durang was created by the 3rd toposophic transapient 46712 The Hybyricon, apparently as a sport or amusement. Durang is a postneogen cyborg Perfect Artist, musician, philosopher, ethicist, historian, and dramatist who travels the galaxy taking up quixotic causes, which e peruses obsessively. Eir friends and associates call em the 'Method Borg' due to the way e immerses emself in a role.

Durang is responsible — among other things — for the liberation of ten trillion madverts from the MPA, Communion of Worlds, and Sophic League; e also formed the Free Madvert Society, before losing interest in the whole thing.

E also introduced subsophont Carnivorous Fuschias as a trendy potted plant in the Solar Dominion, and attempted to persuade the Admin Nodes of New Bhairan (Terragen Federation) to legalise Mathematical Pornography. E is currently trying (without much success) to get Wup decriminalised in the Negentropy Alliance. Commentators remain undecided as to whether these antics are really done for noble purposes, or simply as a form of Perfect Art.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 October 2001.