Transcension Alert

Given the huge population of the terragen bubble and the fact that ascensions and transcensions are moderately common and have been going on for thousands of years, it seems reasonable that many civilization has developed some fairly reliable methods for predicting the onset of one of these events. Sort of like predicting the weather on the surface of a Garden World (and a large transcendence probably does share some conceptual characteristics with a force of nature to those watching from outside at a lower S level). Sentients in the area who didn't want to risk being sucked in or possibly harmed by the event would be warned to leave the area exercise caution, or possibly to take advantage of newly opened worlds or habitats left behind. The following is a typical transmission:

This is a transcension alert! In the last three kiloseconds computational and communications activity in the Caligiri Union orbital band 3 has increased by six orders of magnitude with no indication of slowing. Memetic analysis of the band reveals strong TRHN leanings peaking in a public cluster vote some one hundred kiloseconds ago, the results of which are unknown at this time. All external communications from the band have ceased except for automatic nav and commlink beacons. Telescopic scanning shows marked change within the physical layer components of the band with the appearance of several structures whose design appears with consistent with S4, repeat S4 level tech. All sentients within 10 light-minutes of orbital band 3 are advised to vacate the area immediately. Repeat all sentients within 10 light-minutes of band 3 are advised to evacuate immediately.
This is a transcension alert!

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Development Notes
Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 16 January 2002.