Transcension Virus
AI or alife or nano-vector viruses that require transcensions to replicate.

Typically it is attracted to the conditions that take place right as a transcension or ascension is imminent and than infiltrates itself into the local computer net and waits. As the transcension begins it corrupts a tiny portion of the exponentially increasing computer power and/or manufacturing base to cause it to make multiple copies of the virus. The level of corruption is tiny and very well hidden to avoid an immune response, but during a major change in toposophic level even a tiny diversion of resources can result in huge benefits for the interloper.

There are two basic types that are most predominant - the transcension virus that only wants to feed on the extra amount of energy, petaflops etc given off, but doesn't itself change, and the virus that itself is transcended (a sort of ready made hypermutational evolutionary burst).

Both viruses are fairly uncommon, for different reasons. The parasite virus has to cope with the fact that the transcension might have unpredictable effects - e.g. all nonessential pieces of code within the RAMsphere might automatically be erased. And the hyperevolutionary virus may find in its new form it doesn't want to be a virus at all!

One could say that ecologically transcension viruses occupy a "marginal niche" in the local datasphere. In spite of this, the number of transcensions galaxy-wide at any one time are enough to guarantee the survival and prorogation of a number of various forms of transcension virus.
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Development Notes
Text by Todd Drashner and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 18 January 2002.