Transcension Machine
Transcension Machine
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Transcension Machines designed and built by modosophonts are generally very large, and have a very high risk of failure
A term describing a range of devices designed to facilitate transcension, absorbing the mentality of a subject and radically reconfiguring them in order to raise them to the next toposophic level. In most cases these devices are too crude to permit a smooth ascension, so the subject will lose most of their original mental characteristics, although they generally retain all their memories and skills.

Transcension machines of this kind may be used by those who have grown tired of their mundane life and who wish to transcend to a different plane of existence, and who accept that the process is extremely risky and will result in the almost complete reconfiguration of their present mindstate, and is very likely to simply kill them.

Transcension machines created by low toposophic entities are generally quite large systems, which progressively disassemble the processing substrate of the subject and reassemble it into another form. In the case of a biont, the processing substrate is the subject's central nervous system plus any exocortex and other peripheral systems, including the subject's body.

More sophisticated systems created by higher toposophic agents are smaller, such as the SNARE system developed by the Siris culture, which uses a highly sophisticated surgicon to reconfigure the user's physical and mental structure.

The most popular form of transcension machine in the Current Era is a medical treatment
which initiates two parallel programs. One works to slowly and painlessly deactivate bodily functions; the other induces a state of awake-dreaming, making the process painless and trauma-free. This state does not impair the perceptions of the being in any way other than as a result of sensory degradation resulting from the deactivation and re-adjustment of bodily systems caused by the device. Modern devices have been optimized such that the shutdown process can be fully reversed even when more than 50% of it has been completed, through a mental command from the user.

Because of the risk of failure or death these systems are only offered on a voluntary basis, and the subject must be made aware of the dangers. In order to achieve a state of ascension, where the subject retains recognisable traits and characteristics from their previous existence, the use of a True Godseed or an Ascension Maze is recommended.

A number of illegal transcension systems have been designed deliberately to act without the consent of the subject, placing the victim at risk and generally disrupting their mindstate so drastically that little or nothing of the original survives. These variously fall into the categories known as War Godseeds, Trap Godseed and Charmed Godseeds (see the Godseed Article for more details).

The symbiote associated with the Amalgamation is a weaponised transcension machine, which raises the toposophic level of the victim without consent, completely disrupting their personality in the process and ensuring their loyalty to the Amalgamation superorganism.
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