Ascension/Transcension Chasers

The Total Mass Retain
Image from Steve Bowers
The Total Mass Retain, a Reactionless Drive vessel obtained by Helda's Heroes - a fortunate group of Transcension Chasers - after the Newton Mass Transcendance event

Individuals or groups, very often modosophonts, but sometimes transapient entities, who spend their lives chasing Ascension and Transcension Events.

Ascension/transcension chasers can attempt to benefit from these events in several ways;
  • some might benefit from a study of the various processes associated with the act of ascension/transcension, and the risks and benefits of those processes;
  • some might benefit from the newly ascended transapient, and from the transformations in society and technology that such an event brings;
  • and some might benefit from the discarded remnants of a transcension which leaves behind abandoned infrastructure and unwanted items that are no longer valued by the new entity or entities. This happens relatively often in cases of mass ascension/transcension.
The most successful ascension/transcension chasers are those who have access to fast interstellar spacecraft and to reliable intelligence about impending ascenscion/transcension events. Successful chasers might be rewarded with useful data in the field of toposophy or archailectology, or valuable clarketech or other resources. Unlucky chasers could encounter a newly-formed transcendence blight.

Overheard regarding some human nearbaseline transcension chasers:
They go around wearing these holographic T-shirts which play a little movie of the latest big transcendence they recorded, you know, an "I was There when the Croupe-Ngame B MicroCluster made the Big Exponential" They hold conventions, swap collectibles, show off their artifacts, that sort of thing...

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Aditional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 09 January 2002.