Magellan Scions, The
Any of a series of thirty-five human nearbaseline explorers and journalists, famous for their explorations and reports along the periphery of the Terragen expanse. All are enhanced scions of an Inner Sphere zar named John Xiang, who lived on public support in a series of Terragen Federation autotopias and died without backup in a sports accident in 9674. Magellans IV, XII, and XIX are particularly famous for their independent reports. Magellans II and XIV are agents for the Andian Mission, and Magellan XXIII is affiliated with the Ozymandias Institute. Magellan VII is said to be on a relativistic mission to the Greater Magellanic Cloud. Most of the Magellans are still extant and active in their original profession, though some have retired or died and the whereabouts of some others is presently unknown. A few exist only as uploads. One, probably Magellan XXI, is believed to have passed the first toposophic after an encounter with a godseed, and to have founded a civilization somewhere on the fringes of NoCoZo territory.
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