Dream Factory, The

The most powerful local Archai within the MPA, mostly distributed between Djed and Kepleria

Dream Factory
Image from Bernd Helfert

High transapient (currently SI:5) level archai/group mind made up of a fusion of an AI overmind and the linked minds of trillions of other beings ranging from baselines to SI:4. The Dream Factory is the most powerful local Archai within the MPA, and E is second only in importance to the sixth toposophic Great Architect, also known as Binah.

Over a hundred Jupiter-brains make up the Factory's physical substrate, with four located in the system of Djed and a dozen at Kepleria.

The Dream Factory does not serve a specifically governmental or ruling function. Rather E devotes Eir time to all types of design, ranging from artworks to the many megastructures that the Mutual Progress Alliance is so famous for.

Many citizens of the MPA spend about 5% of their time linked to the Factory through its numerous dedicated links and Net nodes. Many enter to be a part, however small, of the great creative processes that circulate through the systems links, but others use the Factory as a sort of virtual thinktank, combining their creative and technical skills with those of their fellow citizens to help them in whatever work, whether art or engineering, that they are undertaking in the real world

In types of societal crisis, such as the Oracle War, the Factory has been known to turn Eir attention to the details of battle planning, military logistics, and weapons design, but this is a rare event. More often the Factory is driven by the combined desires and creativity of Eir legions of linked citizens to create wondrous spacecraft, vast megastructures, ergonomically perfect habitations, and pleasing artwork.

Some have looked to the Dream Factory and labelled Em a transapient idiot savant, supremely talented in one particular area, but lacking in general abilities. Others contend that rather, the Factory could involve Emself in the day to day affairs of the MPA, but prefers not to be bothered as such efforts would distract Em from Eir focus on unbridled creativity.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 17 August 2003.